In the wake of a harrowing incident at a residence in northwest Oklahoma City, emergency crews orchestrated a massive operation to address the aftermath of a fatal crash. The somber events unfolded on a Monday night, where officials from the Oklahoma City Fire Department revealed that a driver, gripped by a medical emergency, lost control of their vehicle.

The car careened through a fence, plunging into a swimming pool near the intersection of Hefner Road and Rockwell Avenue. Swift responders skillfully extricated the driver through the car’s open sunroof, navigating the challenging circumstances to transport them to the hospital in critical condition.

Car Plunges Into Pool In A Bizarre Backyard Accident 1
Image Credit: YouTube KOCO 5 News

Regrettably, despite the prompt and diligent medical attention provided, the driver succumbed to their injuries and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The gravity of the situation prompted an extensive effort that spanned more than 12 hours. This involved the deployment of specialized equipment, including wreckers and a crane, to delicately hoist the submerged car from the pool and carefully maneuver it over the dwelling.

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Sally Cortez and her husband, who were on the cusp of retiring for the night, were abruptly jolted by a loud disturbance outside their residence on that fateful Monday. Cortez recollected the moment, saying, “We were about to turn off the TV and everything and just heard this loud boom, crash noise — thunder, rain, something.” Initially puzzled by the cacophony, it took them a moment to grasp that the commotion was the result of a vehicular collision on their property. Cortez vividly described the initial scene, noting a breached fence, a damaged tree, and an unidentified object in the pool.

Car Plunges Into Pool In A Bizarre Backyard Accident 2
Image Credit: YouTube KOCO 5 News

“The first thing we saw was this big hole in the fence and saw that half the tree was gone and then looked closer and there was something in the pool,” Cortez told Koco News.

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Upon realizing the severity of the situation, Cortez and her husband swiftly dialed 911. First responders, including firefighters and police, promptly converged on the scene. Captain John Chenoweth of the Oklahoma City Fire Department shed light on their immediate response, stating, “We did jump in. We did remove the patient through the sunroof. We tried to get there as quickly as possible.”

Despite the valiant and rapid efforts of the emergency teams, the driver’s fate was sealed, leading to a poignant moment of reflection from Cortez: “My heart just bleeds for the family, the man.” The abrupt and tragic turn of events left an indelible mark on the quiet neighborhood.

Car Plunges Into Pool In A Bizarre Backyard Accident 3
Image Credit: YouTube KOCO 5 News

As the night unfolded into the next day, the complexity of the recovery operation became apparent. Dive crews revisited the site, diligently attaching straps and securing the submerged vehicle to facilitate its extraction. A crane, a symbol of both precision and strength, played a pivotal role in lifting the car from the pool’s depths. With careful maneuvers, the vehicle was hoisted and gingerly placed onto a flatbed, symbolizing the culmination of a challenging and emotionally charged operation.

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Throughout this ordeal, the identity of the driver remained shielded, adding an element of privacy to the unfolding tragedy. The community, now grappling with the aftermath of the incident, stands as a testament to the resilience required in the face of sudden and unforeseen challenges. The echoes of that tragic night will likely reverberate within the neighborhood, serving as a somber reminder of the fragility of life and the collective strength needed to navigate such unsettling circumstances.

You can see the shocking footage on YouTube.

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