What Is ISoldMyHouse.com?

square picture of isoldmyhouse.com logoISoldMyHouse.com was established in 1997 and is an online real estate website that focuses on helping homeowners sell their home and keep the most amount of money in their pocket. We are not a traditional real estate service that follows the industry-standard model of high commissions for full-service real estate services. We believe that homeowners should have choices that enable them to make the best decision for themselves and their situation, especially when selling their homes.

We provide homeowners with 3 powerful home selling options. 1. access to list their homes on the MLS for a low flat fee instead of a high listing commission, 2. connect with the best real estate agents in their market and get a prenegotiated discounted commission, or 3. get a quick and frictionless cash offer.

In addition, our website provides all the content that home sellers need to navigate through the home selling process as well as education and products recommendations to help them maintain their home prior to selling. This includes our Guides, How-To’s, Checklists, Product Recommendations, Videos, and other content that you will find on our website.

You can view ISoldMyHouse.com’s Better Business Profile here.


What is Get LISTED Realty?

Get LISTED Realty is the real estate brokerage that provides licensed real estate services for customers of ISoldMyHouse.com.
We are directly licensed in the below states and have broker-to-broker partner agreements in place in all other states. These relationships ensure our customers have access to the highest quality service in all 50 states!

Connecticut Real Estate Brokers License: REB.0791566
Georgia Real Estate Brokers License: 77590
New York Real Estate Brokers License: 1000170
Maine Real Estate Brokers License: AL90603247
Massachusetts Real Estate Brokers License: 10491207578
New Hampshire Real Estate Brokers License: 075762
Rhode Island Real Estate Brokers License: REB.0018579
Vermont Real Estate Brokers License: 081.0134025

Who is Kris Lippi?

Kris Lippi is the owner of ISoldMyHouse.com and the real estate broker of Get LISTED Realty. He is also a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, a technology enthusiast, a veteran of the United States Air Force, and an Iraq war veteran.

After having an interest in real estate, he worked as an agent, helping his clients buy and sell homes in Connecticut. He quickly realized that not everyone needed the assistance of a full-service real estate agent when selling their home especially if they had the tools and knowledge to be successful. He decided to get his broker’s license and use his background in technology to open Get LISTED Realty in order to help these types of home sellers. He has since expanded to earning real estate broker licensure in Connecticut, Georgia, New Hampshire, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont and has developed strong working relationships with other brokers across the country to assist ISoldMyHouse.com’s customers in all 50 states.

You can connect with Kris on LinkedIn here.


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