Homeowners Association (HOA) fees are a routine financial obligation for many homeowners, often handled through autopay to ensure payments go out on time. However, a recent Reddit post, titled: “Missed one month of HOA fees and was served papers and have a court date, they want to foreclose my house,” expounds on the potential consequences of missing just one payment.

The user recounts their experience of almost losing their home due to a missed HOA payment, sparking concern and outrage with commenters and the internet alike.

The Unpleasant Surprise

The Reddit user ‘sadboi-kk’ begins their tale with an unexpected visit from the police, who served them papers related to their missed HOA payment. “I only realized I missed a payment because the police came to serve me papers,” he explained. What shocked the Redditor was the fact he had missed a payment due solely to a glitch in their autopay system. “I admit I’m pretty really bad at looking at my mail plus my mom kinda just stacks my the house mail in a box inside. But I for sure wasn’t called or emailed about this,” he continued.

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The Immediate Response

The Reddit user did not delay sorting out the problem – after all, the shock of potentially losing their home is quite the motivator! They immediately visited the HOA website and rectified the missed payment, including the HOA fees and associated legal costs. Not content with leaving things there, he also decided to reach out to his HOA to check what was going on. “I’m also about to email them to notify them,” he confirmed.

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The Importance of Communication

Being prompt in rectifying any missed payments is important when it comes to issues with a HOA. But, as this Redditor learned, it’s also essential to keep on top of any communications you receive. This includes checking your mail, so make a habit of it now to avoid a scare like this down the line!

Avoiding Foreclosure

The fear of foreclosure looms large in the minds of homeowners facing HOA troubles. It’s hard to think of a worse punishment for a simple problem of organization. Luckily, sadboi-kk offered Reddit users an update on his situation. “Hey everyone,” he wrote, “I appreciate all the comments on here. So I emailed the HOA lawyer who served me papers and they got back to me and confirmed the payment and said they’d cancel ‘any proceedings against the property.’ And they just told me to make sure I pay on time.”


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Lessons Learned

This incident serves as a valuable lesson for all homeowners regarding the importance of staying on top of HOA payments – particularly if they’re automated! Automated pay systems are handy, but they’re not infallible, as this OP learned to his detriment. Autopay can lead to complacency, and as this cautionary tale shows, missing even just one payment could have serious and frightening consequences. 

Community Support

The Reddit community rallied around the distressed homeowner, offering advice and support. One advised: “Judges hate it when you don’t make reasonable attempts to resolve an issue before getting the courts involved. Explain to the judge that you were given no notice of a problem with the payment and I bet the judge will toss the case immediately. Get a lawyer to be on the safe side.”

The Reddit post detailing a close encounter with foreclosure due to a missed HOA payment underscores the need for homeowners to remain on top of their payments – even if they believe they’re automated. A little organization now can save you a real headache down the line…

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