In a recent Fox Business interview, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick shared insights into the ongoing challenges at the U.S. border. The discussion touched on the shift in border crossings to California, the effectiveness of border fortifications in Texas, and the broader implications for the nation.

Responding to Border Dynamics

Lt. Gov. Patrick acknowledged the shifting dynamics at the border, emphasizing the efforts Texas is making to address the situation. He commended the reporting by Matt Finn and Bill Melugin, stressing the importance of proactive measures to fortify border protections.

“In Texas, we stand ready to act. If they cut the wire, we’d replace it immediately. We have more wire than they have wire cutters, and we’ll put a wire up across the entire border,” stated Lt. Gov. Patrick. 

He highlighted the success of wire installations in certain areas, significantly reducing daily border crossings from thousands to just a handful.

Discussing the changing patterns of border crossings, Lt. Gov. Patrick noted that there has been a notable increase in activity in California. While emphasizing that Texas’s primary focus is to protect its borders, he acknowledged the challenges faced by Democrat-run California due to the surge in migrant activity.

He attributed the shifts to the inadequacies in the Biden administration’s border protection measures, stating, “It’s all because Joe Biden and this administration are not protecting the border.”

Public Opinion and the Need for Action

The conversation shifted to public opinion on border security, with Lt. Gov. Patrick referencing a recent poll from U Gov that indicates significant support for a border wall. He emphasized that the Biden administration’s claim of having done all it can on the border is unfounded.

“There’s an old adage, when yuppies think you’ve done all you can, there’s more you can do. He hasn’t done anything, and Mayorkas hasn’t done anything except lie to the public that the border is secure,” remarked Lt. Gov. Patrick.

Lt. Gov. Patrick provided a historical perspective on the border crisis, drawing comparisons to previous administrations. 

He highlighted the surge in border crossings under the Biden administration, attributing it to the reversal of effective policies implemented by the Trump administration, such as the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

He expressed concerns about the alarming numbers, citing over 300,000 apprehensions in December alone. Lt. Gov. Patrick underscored the severity of the situation, noting the risks posed by criminals, gang members, drug dealers, and potential terrorists entering the country unchecked.

People in the comments offered their opinions: “This Administration is what happens when people vote against a President and not for a President.”

Another person added: “If we can ignore and disobey the United States Supreme Court rulings we no longer need to follow the rule of law and justice.”

Som propose drastic measures: “WE are so past all of this conversation.  WE aren’t putting up with this admin anymore.  When do WE hear about deportations??   At stake – All congress senators & governors paychecks & pensions…”

However, one commenter added an interesting point: “Republicans always talk about the border but won’t sign the bipartisan border deal.”

Legislative Proposals and Opposition

The conversation delved into legislative proposals aimed at addressing the border crisis. Lt. Gov. Patrick criticized a Senate bill that would force Homeland Security to shut down the border under certain conditions, calling it impractical and unwise.

“Any Republican in the U.S. Senate that votes for that bill, their voters ought to take a long look at them next time they’re up for election,” warned Lt. Gov. Patrick. He emphasized the need for stronger measures to secure the border and criticized the idea of allowing a specified number of migrants before considering a shutdown.

In conclusion, Lt. Gov. Patrick reassured viewers that Texas is actively working to protect its borders and criticized the Biden administration for its handling of the crisis. The discussion highlighted the complexities of the border situation and the urgent need for effective solutions.

What are your thoughts on Dan Patrick’s words? Is the Texas border crisis a symptom of a broader national issue, and how can it be effectively addressed on a federal level?

As Texas takes bold steps to fortify its border, what implications does this have for the larger debate on immigration and national security? In the face of the border challenges, what measures should the Biden administration consider to regain control and ensure the safety of American citizens?

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