A controversial Reddit post argued that Realtors have gotten too comfortable in the recent hot housing market, resulting in laziness and complacency. In the comments, perspectives on both sides of this issue were shared. We summarized each side of this hot argument, so you can get a more complete picture and draw your own conclusions about whether Realtors have truly become too lazy and entitled in the recent seller’s market.

1. Realtors are not putting in the same effort as during the seller’s market

Realtors are not putting in the same effort as they did during the seller’s market. Examples include taking a long time to respond to clients, not proactively updating listings and prices, and generally being unresponsive. This shows they are coasting during the downturn rather than working harder for clients.

Alternative perspective: Realtors are still working hard, but inventory is high and buyers cautious. A slow market naturally means less frequent updates. Judging effort by response time is flawed.

2. Overpriced and stagnant listings indicate realtors are failing on pricing advice

Overpriced and stagnant listings indicate that realtors are failing to appropriately advise and convince sellers to price competitively. They seem to lack urgency and proactiveness during negotiations.

Alternative perspective: Pricing is nuanced and sellers often insist on listing higher than advised. Realtors cannot force prices down. Negotiations depend on willing buyers too.

3. Increasing days on market shows realtors aren’t adapting to slowing demand

Days on market is increasing in many areas, indicating slowing demand. Realtors need to adjust their expectations and strategies rather than relying on tactics that worked in the hot market.

Alternative perspective: Days on market is a poor metric to judge realtor effort. Many factors like seasonality and interest rates impact demand more than agent performance.

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4. Taking on too many listings suggests realtors are trying to compensate

The lack of communication and responsiveness from realtors suggests they are spreading themselves thin by taking on too many listings. This is a sign they are trying to make up for lost commission in the cooling market.

Alternative perspective: There is less business overall, so realtors cannot be faulted for taking on multiple listings to compensate. This does not directly correlate with effort.

5. Questionable tactics indicate resistance to adapting skills

Some realtors are still using questionable tactics like hype and pressure instead of adjusting to the changing market. They need to focus more on pricing right and marketing creatively.

Alternative perspective: Questionable tactics arise more from desperate sellers than complacent realtors. Incentives and pressures exist on both sides in a changing market.

6. High past commissions reduced motivation and effort

Realtors got used to doing little work for high commissions over the past few years. Now that the market has slowed, their complacency and entitlement is being exposed.

Alternative perspective: Commission rates have not changed, so compensation is not outsized compared to service provided. Realtors must adapt skills, not work harder, in a shifting market.

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7. Decreased effort despite worsening market conditions

Interest rates and prices have risen substantially while realtor effort and efficacy seem to have decreased proportionally. They are coasting on the laurels of past performance.

Alternative perspective: Market conditions beyond realtors’ control have changed more dramatically than any drop in realtor effort or skills. Their influence is limited.

8. Reluctance to have transparent pricing conversations

Realtors are failing to convey the urgency of pricing competitively and realistically. They seem resistant to price reductions and hesitate to have difficult pricing conversations with sellers.

Alternative perspective: Pricing advice has remained consistent – sellers ignore it more now. Realtors cannot force price reductions without losing clients.

9. Failure to adapt to buyers gaining more power

Buyers have more choices and bargaining power now. Realtors need to adapt their skills to the buyers’ market rather than relying on selling tactics that worked when supply was low.

Alternative perspective: Buyers do have more power but realtors must balance their interests with sellers’ wishes. Their hands are often tied by clients.

10. Compensation unchanged despite shifted market conditions

While the market, rates, and prices have changed dramatically, realtor effort, skills, and compensation have remained largely unchanged. They need to work harder in changing conditions.

Alternative perspective: Realtor compensation reflects broader market conditions, not individual effort. Commission rates remain standard – the pie has shrunk.

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