Wives should be vigilant about their partners’ extracurricular activities if they travel to or live in certain cities.

Ashley Madison, an online dating platform designed for married individuals with the tagline “Life is short. Have an affair,” has analyzed the locations of its members to identify areas with high rates of extramarital behavior.

Paul Keable, the chief strategy officer of Ashley Madison, shared an inside view of the cities in the United States with the highest number of Ashley Madison accounts, revealing the most adulterous cities in the country.

Here are the top 11 hotspots for these scandalous encounters.

#11 Denver, Colorado

Denver CO
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Denver, Colorado, unexpectedly ranks high in Ashley Madison accounts, indicating numerous affairs outside marriage. Denver, combines urban sophistication with natural beauty, offering discreet meeting places amidst its city streets and natural backdrops. Quiet coffee shops such as Crema Coffee House in the Art District and secluded trails in the nearby Rockies provide a balance, catering to those seeking privacy in both the city’s heart and its natural outskirts. Many people slip away and check into The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa for some alone time.

#10 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh PA
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Surprisingly, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is home to a significant amount of Ashley Madison users, hinting at widespread infidelity. Pittsburgh’s diverse neighborhoods and rich cultural scene provide numerous opportunities for discreet encounters, from cozy, hidden bars in the South Side, such as The Smiling Moose, to quiet, scenic spots in its many parks like Frick Park. The city’s blend of privacy and public spaces offers a setting that can facilitate secret meetings without attracting undue attention when checking in at The Mansions On Fifth Luxury Hotel.

#9 Buffalo, New York

Buffalo NY
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A noteworthy amount of Ashley Madison accounts can be found in Buffalo, New York, suggesting plenty of affairs beyond marriage. Buffalo, has many quiet, lesser-known spots alongside a bustling food and arts scene, including the popular Buffalo Arts Studio, offering numerous options for discreet meetings. Its waterfront areas and extensive park system provide lively and secluded settings, such as Delaware Park. It makes it easier to find private moments in a public space before heading to your room for romance at the Curtis Hotel.

#8 Saint Paul, Minnesota

Minnesota Saint Paul
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Saint Paul, Minnesota, stands out for its unexpectedly large Ashley Madison user base, pointing to a high incidence of extramarital relationships. Saint Paul, with its mix of urban and natural landscapes, offers plenty of hidden gems and quiet corners in its parks, including Como Regional Park and along the Mississippi River. The city’s diverse dining scene features cozy, intimate restaurants like the St. Paul Grill. The city provides ample opportunities for discreet meetings away from prying eyes before returning to The Davidson Hotel.

#7 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis MN
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In Minneapolis, Minnesota, there’s an unexpectedly large community of Ashley Madison subscribers, reflecting a high level of marital unfaithfulness. Minneapolis, is a mix of bustling city life and serene nature spots, making it suitable for discreet encounters. With its numerous art galleries, hidden speakeasies like Sooki & Mimi, and quiet lakeside paths like Lake of The Isles, finding a private moment in a public or semi-private setting is achievable. The vibrant urban environment is balanced with more intimate spaces, including the ultra-romantic Four Seasons Hotel.

#6 Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati OH
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The city of Cincinnati, Ohio has an unusually high number of individuals using Ashley Madison, indicative of many engaging in affairs. Cincinnati weaves a vibrant arts scene with historic neighborhoods, creating a backdrop where discreet meetings can easily blend into the city’s fabric. Hidden cafes in Over-the-Rhine, like 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab, or quiet walks along the Ohio River, give residents and visitors spots to meet away from the usual crowd. Casual encounters often find the 21c Museum Hotel perfect for after-hours romance.

#5 Tampa, Florida

Tampa Florida
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The presence of a surprisingly high number of Ashley Madison accounts in Tampa, Florida, points to rampant extramarital activities. With its sunny beaches and secluded mangrove trails, Tampa offers a perfect mix of public spaces and private hideaways. Whether it’s a quiet corner in a beachside café or a hidden spot on the Hillsborough River, Tampa provides a variety of settings for those seeking to meet discreetly under the guise of its bustling city life and natural beauty.

#4 Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Nevada
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Las Vegas, Nevada, should probably come as no surprise that it serves as a hotspot for Ashley Madison accounts, indicating a high rate of affairs outside of marriage. Las Vegas, famous for its dazzling Strip and luxurious hotels such as the Bellagio, also has lesser-known spots perfect for discreet meetups. Beyond the bright lights, there are quiet, upscale lounges and private dining rooms in off-the-Strip restaurants such as Marché Bacchus, providing a mix of anonymity and exclusivity in a city where the unusual blends in seamlessly. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

#3 Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia
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In Atlanta, Georgia, the high number of Ashley Madison accounts is unexpectedly large, hinting at numerous affairs. Atlanta, offers a dynamic blend of bustling city spaces and quiet hidden spots. From cozy corners in the sprawling Piedmont Park to intimate dining experiences in the city’s eclectic neighborhoods, Aria is a popular restaurant for discreet encounters. Atlanta provides a variety of settings for discreet meetings amidst its lively cultural and social scene, with a lot going down at the romantic Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

#2 Orlando, Florida

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The prevalence of Ashley Madison accounts in Orlando, Florida, is surprisingly high, a clear indicator of many extramarital engagements. Orlando, known for its world-famous theme parks, also offers secluded spots ideal for private meetings even in the most busiest of places. The city’s numerous luxury resorts provide discreet dining and lounge areas away from the tourist crowd. At the same time, its tranquil lakes and parks offer quiet retreats within the urban excitement, making it a city with hidden depths for privacy. Surprisingly, most adulterous behavior either starts or ends at Disney.

#1 Miami, Florida

Miami Florida
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#1 on the list should be no surprise. Miami, Florida, is known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches and offers secluded privacy spots for unfaithful men looking to cheat on their wives. The city’s luxury hotels boast private cabanas and exclusive bars, perfect for discreet meetings as you can find going on at the Biltmore Hotel. Additionally, Miami’s lush gardens and quiet spots along the waterfront provide a romantic backdrop away from the city’s bustling energy. How can a man not fall in love here, even if it’s just for a night?

How You Can Spot the Red Flags Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

How You Can Spot the Red Flags Your Spouse Is Cheating On You
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Infidelity is a sensitive topic that can cause emotional distress and turmoil in a relationship. It can be difficult to detect, and many people may be unaware that their spouse is cheating on them. However, certain signs may indicate that your partner is being unfaithful.

1. Improved Appearance

Improved Appearance
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If your partner suddenly starts caring more about their appearance, sporting new clothes or grooming habits, it could signal cheating, especially if they’re also being secretive or away without explanation. This includes things like a fresh haircut or new underwear. While such changes can be innocent and may simply reflect a desire for self-improvement, it’s wise to note these shifts, particularly if they’re out of character and lack a clear reason.

2. Secretive Phone or Computer Use

Secretive Phone or Computer Use
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Cheaters may become very secretive with their phones and computers, suddenly using passwords and frequently deleting texts or clearing browser history. Refusing to share device access or even taking phones into the bathroom can indicate they’re hiding something. Observing changes in device usage habits can be crucial. If they’re overly secretive without reason, it could raise suspicion.

3. Periods of Unreachability in a Relationship

Periods of Unreachability in a Relationship
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If your significant other is cheating on you, they may be less responsive to your calls and texts. They may provide excuses such as being in a meeting, driving, or in an area with poor reception. However, if your partner is consistently unreachable while working late or on a business trip, it may be a red flag. It is important to trust your instincts and communicate openly with your partner about any concerns you may have.

4. Significantly Different Sexual Activity in the Relationship

Significantly Different Sexual Activity in the Relationship
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Changes in sexual activity may indicate infidelity. A decrease could suggest your partner’s focus is on someone else, while an increase might be an attempt to hide their actions. A weaker emotional connection during intimacy or introducing new techniques could also suggest they’re learning from experiences outside the relationship.

5. Your Partner Exhibits Hostility Towards You and Your Relationship

Your Partner Exhibits Hostility Towards You and Your Relationship
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If your partner starts acting hostile or blaming you for issues in the relationship, suggesting you’re not enough in some way, it might signal they’re cheating. This shift, where they suddenly find fault in things that never bothered them before or push you away, could be them justifying their infidelity by placing the blame on you.

6. An Altered Schedule

An Altered Schedule
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Sudden, unexplained changes in your partner’s schedule could suggest cheating. Frequent late work hours or unexpected business trips, especially if new, might indicate an affair. Other suspicious excuses include car troubles or extended gym visits. Forgetting significant events like family birthdays or pickups is also a red flag. These changes warrant attention.

7. Friends Seem Uncomfortable Around Him/Her

Friends Seem Uncomfortable Around HimHer
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When someone cheats, their friends often know first, leading to awkwardness around the betrayed partner. Friends might avoid them or act overly nice to mask their discomfort. The betrayed partner’s friends could also become uneasy, dodging relationship talks or being excessively kind. This leaves the betrayed feeling isolated and without support.

8. Unexplained Expenses

Unexplained Expenses
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Unusual expenses may hint at infidelity. Odd charges on bank or credit accounts, large cash withdrawals, or purchases from unknown places could indicate spending on gifts, trips, or hotels, often not included in the household budget. If explanations for these expenses seem false or incomplete, it could signal cheating.

9. Emotional Intimacy Has Faded

Emotional Intimacy Has Faded
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A drop in emotional intimacy, like sharing less about thoughts and feelings, might mean a partner’s focus is elsewhere. This withdrawal can cause loneliness and a sense of disconnection. Open communication about these feelings is key to addressing and possibly rebuilding lost intimacy.

10. When Your Partner Avoids Discussing Cheating

When Your Partner Avoids Discussing Cheating
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Discussing suspicions of cheating is crucial, but if your partner dodges or shifts blame, trust your instincts. Deflecting or blaming, like questioning your trust, shouldn’t overshadow your feelings. It’s key not to accept blame without question. If you feel something’s amiss, it often is, and it’s worth exploring further.

What You Should Do If You’re In a Cheating Relationship

What You Should Do If Youre In a Cheating Relationship
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While these signs may indicate that something is wrong in your relationship, it’s important to note that they do not necessarily mean that your partner is cheating. However, if you’re seeing multiple signs and your gut is telling you that something is off, it’s worth having a conversation with your partner about your concerns.

If you do find out that your partner has been unfaithful, it’s important to seek support from trusted friends, family members, or a therapist. Sitting alone with your fears and feelings can be overwhelming, and having someone to talk to can be incredibly helpful in processing your emotions and figuring out your next steps.

Remember, learning about infidelity doesn’t automatically mean the end of your relationship. However, it does mean that your partner has work to do if they want to rebuild trust and establish emotional and sexual intimacy again.

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