Senator Eric Schmitt (R-MO) recently took the Senate floor to outline what he perceives as the Biden Administration’s series of “abject failures” over the past three years. From foreign policy missteps to domestic controversies, Schmitt expressed strong criticism. Let’s delve into the key points he raised during his remarks.

Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal

Schmitt began by condemning what he called a “disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan,” pointing out its grave consequences, including the tragic deaths of 13 members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The senator accused the Biden Administration of targeting parents at school board meetings, suggesting that the administration floated the idea of deeming them domestic terrorists in an official memo.

Schmitt asserted that President Biden declared an outright war on domestic energy production, leading to policies that harmed the industry and contributed to rising gas prices.

Vaccine Mandates and Job Losses

The senator criticized the administration’s attempt to force tens of millions of Americans to get vaccinated or face job loss, characterizing it as an overreach.

Schmitt highlighted the administration’s alleged reckless spending, which he claimed led to historic inflation and soaring prices, adversely affecting the economy.

Furthermore, he accused the Biden Administration of refusing to enforce existing immigration laws, leading to record-breaking numbers of illegal immigration and legal battles in court.

Schmitt claimed that the Biden Administration created the largest censorship enterprise in American history, collaborating with big tech companies to silence American voices. He also accused the administration of vilifying half the country as “MAGA extremists.”

People in the comments largely agree with the Senator: “Despite how much you may like Joe, you cannot deny facts.  The PAIN of his policies are felt by most Americans.  He doesn’t care about your pain; he cares about maintaining power.”

However, some disagree: “What’s wrong with cancelling student loan debt when when we gave interest free loans to Wall St, who then used them to invest in themselves and didn’t loan it out to the public? When Obama gave loans to Wall St to pay huge bonuses to the very people that screwed up the economy?”

In defense of Biden, one person noted: “You people never stop lying. Domestic oil production is at an all time high. The stock market is at an all time high. Inflation is ending and prices are dropping.employment is up. Your lies are ridiculous.”

Another commenter added: “Sad to say its not gonna stop at Biden this will go on and on with every president unfortunately it always happens”

Projection of Weakness on the World Stage

The senator argued that President Biden projected weakness on the world stage, emboldening adversaries and putting American interests at risk.

In conclusion, Senator Eric Schmitt strongly asserted that the Biden Administration has been a “disaster for the American people.” He criticized the administration across various fronts, ranging from foreign policy decisions to domestic controversies, presenting a stark and critical view of the President’s tenure.

What are your thoughts? How do you perceive Senator Eric Schmitt’s assessment of the Biden Administration’s failures, and do you agree with his characterization of these events?

In your opinion, which of the points raised by Senator Schmitt carries the most significant consequences for the American people? How might the issues outlined by Schmitt impact the political landscape leading up to future elections?

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