“If more people like you had your good intentions, this world would be a more peaceful world, nice one bro.” It is not common to find comments like this one underneath a YouTube video. However, this one is absolutely filled with them.

Clean The City Inc., a Florida-based non-profit organization, is making waves by keeping communities clean and uncovering unexpected treasures along the way. Aramis “AP” Ponder, the visionary leader behind Clean The City, recently showcased the organization’s impactful work in a YouTube video.

AP, driven by a passion for community service, founded Clean The City Inc. to keep neighborhoods safe and clean. The goal of this organization is to assist the elderly, sick, disabled, youth, and the less fortunate by providing free lawn care, home restoration, garbage clean-up, and educational resources.

One of AP’s recent ventures took him to the lawn of an older disabled gentleman in Florida. Armed with their dedication to community welfare, the Clean The City team began the transformation of an overgrown yard. Little did they expect to stumble upon a hidden gem—a vintage hot rod car tucked away amidst the greenery.

This small detail was a wonderful Easter Egg for the fans of the channel. However, the main goal of AP and his organization is what truly shines in the video.

Content like this can truly show people what actually matters in life. The people in the comment section love it, with one person saying, “After having a rough week I stumbled across this video mainly interested in seeing the old cars. This man is an Angel. Seeing what he did for this older gentleman lifted my spirit and almost made me cry. Plus he did it all old school out of the trunk of his car and he did it the hard way! I’m going to make everybody I know watch it and subscribe.  Someone did an awesome job raising this man.”

It is not hard to be impressed by the work AP and the Clean The City crew do. In current times, finding someone who selflessly helps those in need is a true rarity.

Clean The City operates on the principles of financial assistance, lawn care, awareness, and resources for education and financial aid. The organization strives to help individuals from all communities, aiming to create a cleaner, brighter future and a safe environment for everyone.

Financial assistance is a core aspect of Clean The City’s mission, providing resources for education and aiding those in need. The organization’s commitment extends to offering free lawn care, home restoration, and garbage clean-up services throughout Florida.

AP emphasizes drawing awareness to the maintenance of overgrown properties, not just within Florida but with the hope of influencing communities worldwide. Clean The City employs different forms of media to spread the message of a cleaner, brighter future.

The organization offers solutions for a variety of issues faced by homeowners. From tall grass maintenance to interior and exterior paint jobs, Clean The City Inc. pledges to improve the lives of the aged, sick, disabled, youth, and the less fortunate. They aim to provide practical assistance and a positive change in the living conditions of those they help.

In a world where community service often goes unnoticed, Clean The City Inc. stands out not only for its commitment to transforming neighborhoods but also for the unexpected surprises that come with their work. 

AP’s recent discovery of a vintage hot rod car is just a small tidbit that will add to the organization’s impact, turning a routine yard cleanup into an exciting adventure. Clean The City not only cleans yards but also adds a touch of excitement to the lives of those they serve.

As one comment puts it: “Anyone that would do a yard like that with a string trimmer and a push mower to keep a disabled man on his game has my respect. Keep it up man, this is what life is all about.” We have to agree. You can find more info about Clean The City on their website.

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