Perhaps you’ve seen the easy-to-assemble Christmas tree from that one viral TikTok and wanted to snag one for yourself? The tree is sold at Home Depot and looks great. So great that it sold out incredibly fast.

As one commenter joked, “POV: you went to Home Depot to get this tree that your wife has to have and it’s out of stock forever, and it’s the only tree that will do.”

However, it might not be the only tree that will do for the rest of us. There is a great, eco-friendly alternative you can get that brings the holiday spirit to your home while simultaneously contributing to the health of our forests. 

The Home Depot Christmas tree flew off the shelves, but we’ve got a suggestion that’s not only a festive solution but a sustainable one too.

As reported by Good Morning America, the Ocala National Forest in Florida allows you to cut your own Christmas tree for a symbolic price. But they are not the only ones. Any other national forest near you will also let you grab your own Christmas tree for less than $10 if you cut it yourself. 

National forests offer Christmas tree permits that grant you the opportunity to choose and cut down your own tree, providing a hands-on, festive experience for you and your loved ones. It is like a little Christmas adventure that your whole family can partake in.

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Image Credit: Good Morning America

Aside from the joy of picking out your own tree, opting for a national forest Christmas tree has additional benefits. As crazy as it sounds, by cutting a tree, you’re contributing to the health of the forest. 

Thinning out smaller-diameter trees allows larger-diameter trees to thrive, promoting their growth and overall well-being. This sustainable practice helps maintain a balanced and healthy ecosystem.

Beyond the environmental benefits, cutting your own Christmas tree in a national forest aids in preventing wildfires. Thinning out the forest reduces the risk of fires by eliminating excess vegetation, creating a safer environment for both the forest and nearby communities.

Moreover, this eco-friendly tradition supports endangered species by preserving their habitats. By managing the forest through controlled tree-cutting, we contribute to the overall biodiversity of the ecosystem.

Some YouTube commenters are not happy with this option, with one saying, “I want mine to actually look like a Christmas tree.  Not like the equivalent of a stray dog in the Christmas tree world.”

However, we say you should ignore those Grinch-like people who can’t get into the Holiday spirit. Many trees are available in a national forest near you, and we’re certain you can find one you’ll love.

In other videos about this, the people aren’t so negative. One person said, “I have been doing this for years and wouldn’t have it any other way. Love the adventure and stories that always come from tree hunting.”

Exactly! We couldn’t agree more.

It’s worth noting that 25 to 30 million Christmas trees are sold in the U.S. every year. The average price of a tree is $80. While purchasing a tree from a commercial source is convenient, choosing a tree from a national forest brings holiday cheer into your home and aligns with sustainable practices that benefit the environment. And you spend way less money while you’re at it.

So, if Home Depot’s viral Christmas tree is out of reach, consider making a trip to a national forest for a memorable and environmentally conscious experience. 

Get your Christmas tree permit, embrace the joy of choosing your own tree, and contribute to the health and sustainability of our precious forests. This holiday season, make your celebrations not only festive but also eco-friendly.

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