All aboard the trend train! A unique real estate listing in Bonner, Montana, is sending shockwaves through the property market, proving that home is where the tracks are. 

This one-of-a-kind listing features a fully furnished Pullman-Standard Train Car, and it’s not just catching the attention of passersby; it’s become the hottest property on

Is This Real Estate Listing The Start Of A New Trend
Image Credit: ISoldMyHouse

Described as a three-bedroom residence, this vintage train car turned home boasts a galley kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and an “observation” lounge. 

But what truly sets it apart is its Western-themed interior, complete with antler light fixtures and cowhide-covered seating. And here’s the twist: this mobile property is still sitting on the tracks, offering a living experience that’s truly on the move.

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The historic Pullman-Standard 3-compartment, 2-drawing room/Observation Lounge (TCRY 106), built in 1925 and refurbished in 1998, is a testament to railroad history. 

With oak paneling and Western accents throughout, including cattle brand-adorned woodwork, this furnished train car stands out as a unique residence, vacation rental, tourist attraction, or whatever suits its new owner’s fancy. Currently parked in Bonner, Montana, it’s ready to roll into new adventures.

Is This Real Estate Listing The Start Of A New Trend 1 1
Image Credit: Brendan Bailey with Regent Realty

Rydel Peterson, a Montana lawyer, is the conductor of this train sale, asking $249,000 for the historic Pullman car that his father lovingly transformed into a livable home. 

Peterson’s father, who owned a train repair center, invested $1 million to turn the 1920s train car into a comfortable abode featuring three bedrooms, two bathrooms, heat, air conditioning, and electricity. This unique property even comes with bunk beds and Western-style decor, including antlers.

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Despite the sentimental value and meticulous renovation, Peterson’s wife wasn’t thrilled about having the train car parked in their backyard. So, it’s now on the market, and surprisingly, it’s gaining steam. Within just a month of being listed in October, Peterson has received multiple inquiries from interested buyers.

The train car, equipped with modern amenities like heat, air conditioning, and electricity, also includes two showers and four toilets. Listing agent Anita Bailey mentioned that within the first week on the market, the train car had multiple showings and is drawing interest from across the state.

Is This Real Estate Listing The Start Of A New Trend (2)
Image Credit: ISoldMyHouse

But here’s where it gets interesting – the potential for this train car to hit the road, quite literally. If it passes inspection, the next owner could hook it up to the back of a passenger Amtrak train and traverse the country. 

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Peterson even reminisces about Amtrak charging about $5 per mile to tow a car in the early 2000s. The vision of this unique property being transformed into an Airbnb or other short-term rental has also been thrown into the mix, making it a fun and intriguing prospect for those seeking unconventional accommodations.

Could this be the start of a new trend? Picture old train cars crisscrossing the country, offering a unique and ever-changing perspective for travelers and homeowners alike. 

With the rising interest and potential versatility of this historic Pullman-Standard, it seems the idea of turning trains into homes might just be picking up steam. All aboard the #TrainLife trend – your next home might just be on the tracks!

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