FBI agents descended upon the Bronx residence of Winnie Greco, a high-ranking aide to Mayor Eric Adams, on Thursday, as reported by law enforcement sources to The Post. Greco, embroiled in a separate investigation by the city Department of Investigation, faced allegations of misusing her City Hall position to procure personal benefits, including home renovations.

Federal Intervention

The Pelham Bay home of Winnie Greco became the focal point of FBI activity, with agents sealing off the surrounding area. Reports indicated that federal agents maintained a presence at the location well into the afternoon. 

The exact nature of the law enforcement operation, initially disclosed by News 12 Bronx, remained unclear, leaving room for speculation regarding its ties to the ongoing city investigation.

A spokesperson for the FBI’s New York field office acknowledged the agency’s involvement in “law enforcement activities” at the mentioned location but refrained from providing further details or elaboration on the matter.

Background on Winnie Greco

Winnie Greco, aged 61, serves as Mayor Eric Adams’ director of Asian affairs, drawing a salary of $100,000 annually. Her tenure faced scrutiny following allegations surfaced late last year, suggesting impropriety in her professional conduct. 

Initial reports by The City implicated Greco in promising a campaign volunteer a job in the Adams administration in exchange for kitchen renovations in early 2022. 

Additionally, she allegedly solicited a $10,000 donation from a prominent Chinese business executive for a mayoral event focused on Chinese affairs.

Long-Standing Ties with Adams

Greco’s association with Mayor Eric Adams traces back to his tenure as Brooklyn borough president, during which she served as a volunteer fundraiser and liaison to the Chinese community. Notably, she facilitated Adams’ visit to China, showcasing her integral role in his political network.

Winnie Greco isn’t the first high-ranking aide of Mayor Eric Adams to face legal scrutiny. In November of the previous year, FBI agents raided the Brooklyn residence of Brianna Suggs, a prominent fundraiser for Adams. 

Suggs allegedly found herself entangled in a kickback scheme involving the Turkish government. Mayor Adams, however, maintained that Suggs continued to carry out administrative tasks for his campaign post-raid.

City Hall’s Response

City Hall, responding to inquiries regarding the FBI raid, affirmed that no federal law enforcement agency had contacted the administration regarding Winnie Greco’s affairs. Emphasizing adherence to ethical standards, Adams’ representative, Fabien Levy, reiterated the administration’s commitment to compliance with the law. 

Levy reiterated City Hall’s stance on refraining from commenting on ongoing investigations while assuring cooperation with any ongoing reviews. Mayor Adams himself has not faced accusations of wrongdoing in these matters.

What are your thoughts? How might the FBI raid on Winnie Greco’s home impact Mayor Adams’s administration and public perception?

What measures can be taken to ensure ethical conduct and prevent misuse of power within municipal governments? Should Mayor Adams take proactive steps to address concerns about the conduct of his aides, or wait for the conclusion of investigations?

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