As reported by FOX 11, the city of Los Angeles has been gripped by a series of horrifying crimes, culminating in the arrest of a suspect believed to be responsible for a string of murders. This includes the shocking follow-home robbery and murder of Nicholas Simbolon, a father from San Dimas. 

The suspect, 33-year-old Jerrid Joseph Powell, is now in custody, with authorities connecting him to the deaths of three homeless individuals and the homicide of Nicholas Simbolon.

The Arrest

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) announced the apprehension of Powell after stopping his vehicle. This arrest comes as a significant breakthrough in the investigation into the murders that have haunted the city. Powell is now a suspect in all four murders and is being held on suspicion of these heinous crimes.

Chief Michel Moore of the LAPD revealed that a handgun recovered from Powell’s vehicle, following the murder of Nicholas Simbolon was also used in the killings of the three homeless individuals. Powell’s vehicle was reportedly present at all four crime scenes, establishing a compelling link between the suspect and the grisly incidents.

The shocking murder of Nicholas Simbolon, a San Dimas father and project manager in the Los Angeles County executive office, sent shockwaves through the community. Simbolon was discovered in his Tesla in the garage of his home, with witnesses and sheriff’s officials confirming a gunshot wound to the upper body. 

LASD Chief Robert Luna disclosed that surveillance video indicated Simbolon was followed home from an electric vehicle charging station, robbed, and fatally shot senselessly.

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Rapid Investigation and Capture

Authorities swiftly moved to identify Powell through witness interviews and photographic evidence from the night of Simbolon’s murder. This information enabled the uploading of Powell’s license plate number into the law enforcement system. Beverly Hills authorities, recognizing the suspect’s plates, successfully detained Powell at a traffic stop later that evening, showcasing the effectiveness of collaborative efforts in criminal investigations.

The wave of homicides commenced on Sunday, Nov. 26, in South LA, followed by incidents on Monday, Nov. 27, in downtown Los Angeles, and Wednesday, Nov. 29, in Lincoln Heights. The victims, identified as Jose Bolanos and Mark Diggs, were experiencing homelessness at the time of their deaths. Police believe each victim was alone when the suspect approached, and all were shot and killed in their sleep, intensifying the chilling nature of these crimes.

In response to the escalating threat, city officials activated a winter shelter program on Friday, bolstering resources to protect the unhoused community. LA Mayor Karen Bass urged friends and family members to reach out to their unhoused relatives, advising them not to be alone and informing them about available shelters.

People in the comments are shocked and frightened by all of this, with one saying: “So another violent felon just roaming the streets? Whose jurisdiction? “

Others are not happy with how Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón (who is in the video) is handling things: “Gascon acting like he gives a crap!!”

Another commented, saying: “The look on Gascon’s face when Chief Moore answers press question that no surprise the suspect has an extensive violent felony crime arrest history.  George will make sure that he does not deviate from his strict (lol) agenda of no enhancement charges.”

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Unveiling the Motive

As the investigation unfolds, authorities have yet to release a motive for the series of homicides. The city remains on edge, awaiting further updates as law enforcement continues its efforts to unravel the circumstances surrounding these gruesome crimes.

The apprehension of Jerrid Joseph Powell provides a semblance of closure for the affected communities, but the investigation is far from over. As the legal proceedings progress, residents are urged to remain vigilant, supporting ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of the city’s inhabitants. 

The haunting question of motive lingers, emphasizing the need for continued community awareness and cooperation in the face of unexpected and tragic events.

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