Fox Business reports that in a recent annual report released by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), shocking statistics reveal a 12% increase in homelessness across the United States from 2022 to 2023, reaching the highest levels recorded since the federal government began its point-in-time count in 2007.

HUD’s Alarming Findings

The report disclosed that over 653,100 Americans experienced homelessness on a single night in January 2023, reflecting an increase of 70,650 individuals compared to the previous year. 

Of these, approximately six in 10 were in “sheltered homelessness,” residing in emergency shelters, transitional housing, or participating in safe haven programs. The remaining four in 10 faced “unsheltered homelessness” in areas not suitable for human habitation.

Within the overall figure, homelessness among families with children rose by 16%, while individual homelessness increased by 11%. Notably, 72% of those experiencing homelessness did not have children present. The report highlighted a reversal in the downward trend of homeless families with children, which has persisted since 2012.

Factors Contributing to the Surge

A key revelation in the report attributed the uptick in homelessness to a significant rise in individuals becoming homeless for the first time. Between the fiscal years 2021 and 2022, the number of newly homeless people increased by 25%, while those exiting homelessness only rose by 8%. 

Factors influencing this trend included changes in the rental housing market, pandemic protections’ end, and eviction prevention programs’ winding down.

Cities with the largest homeless populations included New York City and Los Angeles, with experts linking the surge to a combination of extraordinary rent increases, immigration policies, and the winding down of COVID-19 protections. 

With 49% of all unsheltered people in the country, California faced particular challenges, with HUD stating that it recorded nearly eight times the number of unsheltered people compared to the next highest state.

Fox News Perspectives

A recent Fox News video on ‘The Big Weekend Show’ delved into the connection between Democrats’ migrant policies and the record homelessness in the United States. The panelists discussed how the influx of migrants, coupled with Democratic policies, contributed to the crisis.

Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas emphasized the impact of illegal immigration on the escalating homelessness situation, citing government data that suggests a worsening crisis due to the surge of migrants into shelters. 

The video highlighted the strain on communities, particularly those already underserved, as they struggle to accommodate the increasing number of people needing shelter, food, and clothing.

In the comments, people are finding various causes for this situation: “We need to audit all the homeless companies and see where has all that money gone…”

“We need to start addressing the elephant in the room. banks coming in and swooping up homes that are for sale with cash offers, outbidding most of the time first-time homebuyers. then in turn, making that house into a rental property and charging outrageous prices for rent. That loop needs to stop.” was one comment that caught our eye.

Others see the root of the issue as something much deeper: “So let me get this straight… We can help ILLEGAL ALIENS and yet cannot help homeless veterans who put their lives on the line for this country??.. THIS COUNTRY IS SICK BEYOND BELIEF!!”

Critics, including panelists on ‘The Big Weekend Show,’ questioned whether the Biden administration’s approach to illegal immigration exacerbated the homelessness crisis. They argued that focusing on migrants may divert resources from addressing the needs of American veterans and citizens experiencing homelessness.

In the comments, people are also bringing up addiction as a possible cause: “The cause of homelessness isn’t just about lack of money.  There’s also a mental health component, and this also includes addiction.”

One of the panelists in the video mentioned that legalizing drugs could have been a contributing factor that fueled homelessness. Obviously, some people in the comments agree.

Another commenter said: “Why do we ‘have’ to help those here illegally? Until every American citizen has a roof over their head and food on their table, we shouldn’t spend a single cent on any person who is breaking the law by being here.”

The Way Forward

One commenter on the video made a sarcastic comment, saying: “Biden’s America!!! 81 million votes,” blaming the current president for this situation.

As the Biden administration acknowledges the urgency of addressing homelessness, concerns persist about the effectiveness of current strategies. The HUD report, along with Fox News commentary, underscores the need for comprehensive solutions and strategies that provide immediate support and prevent homelessness in the first place.

In conclusion, while the HUD report sheds light on the magnitude of the homelessness crisis, the Fox News video offers a critical perspective on the role of immigration policies in making the situation worse. How do you feel about the surge of homelessness across the nation?

How do you see the relationship between immigration policies, as discussed in the Fox News video, and the surge in homelessness in the United States? Is there a need for a reevaluation of these policies to address the crisis?

With the increasing numbers of both migrants and Americans experiencing homelessness, how can communities strike a balance in allocating resources to meet the needs of both groups effectively?

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