As the New Hampshire primary looms, the surprising decision by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to suspend his presidential campaign has ignited discussions about what went wrong and the implications for GOP candidate Nikki Haley. The co-hosts on The View provided their insights, raising questions about DeSantis’ doomed trajectory and the dynamics within the Republican race.

A Rocky Start

The View co-hosts unanimously agreed that Ron DeSantis was doomed from the start. Ana Navarro expressed her initial relief at the news, emphasizing DeSantis’ overblown candidacy and attributing his success in Florida to tactics like voter suppression and changes in voting laws rather than genuine popularity. 

She argued that his campaign team, agenda, and social skills all contributed to his downfall.

Ana Navarro further criticized DeSantis for attempting to turn the entire U.S. into a reflection of Florida, pointing to his focus on divisive cultural issues such as targeting drag queens, Mickey Mouse, and controversial laws on abortion. 

The co-hosts highlighted the disconnect between DeSantis’ campaign agenda and the real concerns of Americans, such as economic stability and family well-being.

DeSantis’ Political Future

The co-hosts expressed skepticism about DeSantis’ political future, with Ana Navarro suggesting that his career may be dead. 

She questioned his ability to beat Rick Scott in future elections and expressed hope that he would exhibit humility and focus on resolving crucial issues facing Florida, like the insurance problem.

Alyssa Farah Griffin brought attention to what she perceived as sexism in the race, noting that DeSantis intellectually knew Nikki Haley was more qualified but still threw jabs at her. 

She pointed out that the reluctance of certain male candidates to accept a loss to a female opponent might reflect deeper issues of sexism in U.S. politics.

Nikki Haley’s Position

Sara Haines acknowledged Chris Christie’s explanation for not backing Nikki Haley due to concerns about her potentially accepting a vice-presidential role in a Trump administration. 

The co-hosts discussed Haley’s stance on Trump and her qualifications, with Sunny Hostin emphasizing the need for clarity on her policies, especially concerning women’s reproductive rights.

People in the comments disagree with the hosts: “Alyssa claiming sexism because Republican candidates won’t support Hailey is ridiculous. They won’t support her because Trump is God for Republicans. Such a stretch”

However, some share their sentiments: “Ana’s brilliant take downs of DeSantis are based on her experience with him as HER governor. She came with facts and concrete examples and on fire with this one.”

Most agree that DeSantis didn’t stand a chance: “The problem with his campaign is that it existed in the first place. That in itself was the problem.”

And some added some of their insights to the discussion: “The majority of the GOP is gravitating toward the candidate they think has the best chance to get the most Republican votes; nothing else matters.”

The Trump Factor

The co-hosts highlighted the apparent rejection of Trumpism by DeSantis’ failure, suggesting that even a candidate endorsed by Trump couldn’t secure the nomination without Trump himself. Alyssa Farah Griffin expressed concern about a potential Donald Trump and Joe Biden rematch, viewing it as unfavorable for the country.

In conclusion, DeSantis’ campaign demise has left a void in the Republican race, raising questions about the future trajectory of GOP candidates, particularly Nikki Haley. The co-hosts dissected the factors contributing to DeSantis’ downfall, touching on issues ranging from cultural battles to sexism within the political landscape. 

As the New Hampshire primary unfolds, the aftermath of DeSantis’ exit and its impact on the Republican narrative will undoubtedly continue to be a topic of discussion.

What are your thoughts? In the wake of Ron DeSantis’ campaign suspension, how do you believe this will reshape the landscape for other GOP candidates, and what qualities will be crucial for the party’s success moving forward?

The co-hosts on The View touched upon sexism in politics. How can the issue of gender dynamics impact the trajectory of female candidates like Nikki Haley, and what role does it play in shaping voters’ perceptions?

Considering the rejection of Trumpism seen in DeSantis’ campaign, do you think this signals a larger shift within the Republican Party, and what kind of candidate is likely to resonate with voters in the post-Trump era?

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