In a recent video published by Forbes, publishing executive Steve Forbes took a critical stance against President Biden’s foreign policy decisions. Forbes, known for his insights into economic and political matters, highlighted two specific moves made by the Biden administration that he believes are making the world a more dangerous place. 

Biden’s LNG Export Decision: A Strategic Misstep

Forbes began his critique by addressing President Biden’s decision to block new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities. He described this move as a “double cross” of European allies and a significant win for Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Forbes argued that by limiting LNG exports, the Biden administration is inadvertently strengthening Russia’s influence over Europe’s energy supply. 

This decision, according to Forbes, undermines both American economic interests and global security by increasing Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas.

Opposition to Israel’s Campaign Against Hamas

Another point of contention raised by Forbes is President Biden’s pressure on Israel not to escalate its campaign against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. 

Forbes criticized this stance, suggesting that it emboldens terrorist organizations like Hamas and sends a message of weakness to the world. 

He emphasized Israel’s efforts to minimize civilian casualties while combatting terrorism and warned against the consequences of allowing Hamas to regroup and pose a continued threat to regional stability.

Historical Parallels

Drawing parallels to historical events, Forbes likened the Biden administration’s foreign policy approach to the “deadly obtuseness” of the 1930s, a period marked by diplomatic blunders that ultimately led to World War II. 

He cautioned against repeating past mistakes and urged a more strategic and principled approach to international relations.

People in the comments have questions: “What precisely was the rationale behind not building new LNG docks? What might have the effects been on renewables?”

Some don’t agree with Forbes: “Steve Forbes has a very uneven View of Global events; some he hits the Nail on the Head and then He puts the Hammer Right through the Plaster. Rather negates the Previous Clarity.“

One person concluded: “Stable, Um, not so much, but I get the point.  NO one man nor country should ever have enough power to affect a global population.  Americans are hated around the world for what it has done to them on a personal level.”

World on the Brink

In conclusion, Steve Forbes’ critique of President Biden’s foreign policy decisions highlights the potential dangers of short-sighted diplomatic maneuvers. He stated that by prioritizing domestic interests over global security considerations, the Biden administration risks empowering adversaries like Russia and emboldening groups like Hamas. 

Forbes’ analysis serves as a reminder of the importance of thoughtful and principled leadership in navigating today’s complex geopolitical landscape. 

What do you think? Are Biden’s foreign policy decisions truly placing the world in jeopardy, as Forbes suggests?

How might Biden’s stance on LNG exports impact America’s global standing and energy security? Should the pressure on Israel to handle Hamas differently be reconsidered in light of Forbes’ critique?

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