As you navigate the world of homeownership, property taxes can seem like a daunting aspect. Paying these taxes is unavoidable, but property taxes can vary significantly depending on your location.

The ideal solution for you may be to reside in a state with low or nonexistent property taxes, especially if you are a senior, veteran, or have a disability.

In this article, we’ll explore states with the lowest property taxes on homes and discuss options for reducing or eliminating your tax obligations, depending on your eligibility.

By understanding the tax landscape, you can make informed decisions about where to live and learn how to maximize your financial benefits.

So, let’s dive in and uncover the best places to move for lower property taxes!

Are There States With No Property Taxes?

Unfortunately, all US states impose some level of property tax. However, certain states offer exemptions for specific groups, such as veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities.

This means that you might not have to pay property taxes in some situations. Many states provide exemptions for disabled veterans resulting from their service.

Retiree and low-income family exemptions might be harder to find. To determine if your state offers such exemptions, research your state’s property tax regulations and seek information on available exemptions.

Always stay informed to make the most out of your property tax situation.

States Offering No Property Tax for Seniors Aged 65 and Over


In Alabama, seniors 65 and above are provided with complete exemptions for state property taxes. Enjoy your retirement without worrying about this financial burden.


If you are 65 or older in Alaska, you can enjoy a tax exemption for the first $150,000 of your home’s value. Additionally, living in Alaska allows you to benefit from monetary incentives that can help offset other potential taxes.


Head to the Sunshine State, Florida, and you will find yet another haven offering property tax exemptions for seniors. This lovely state has plenty of advantages for retirees.


For retirees aged 65 and up, Georgia offers state property tax exemptions, especially focusing on low-income housing situations. A helpful opportunity for those within the specified income range.


Are you over the age of 65 in Mississippi? You will appreciate the ability to exempt the first $75,000 of your home’s property value from taxation.

South Dakota

South Dakota has created property tax relief programs specifically for retirees. These allow you to defer property tax payments until your house is sold. Plus, low-income households can benefit from freezes or reductions in property taxes.

States with the Lowest Property Tax

1. Paradise In Hawaii

Though Hawaii may be well-known for its breathtaking beauty, it also boasts the lowest property tax rate in the United States at just 0.29%. Remember that despite the low rate, Hawaii’s average home price is around $620,000, and the cost of living here is relatively high.

2. Sweet Home Alabama

Alabama is well-loved thanks to its 0.40% property tax rate and average home value sitting at an affordable $140,000. This Southern state also offers a low cost of living, making it an ideal location for those keeping an eye on their budget.

3. Celebrate Savings in Louisiana

Louisiana is another Southern gem, offering a relatively low property tax rate of 0.46%. Like Alabama, median house prices in Louisiana are equally attractive. Plus, who can resist the allure of Mardi Gras?

4. The Mountains of West Virginia

West Virginia is a picturesque state with a property tax rate of just 0.53%. Additionally, the average home here is below $100,000, making it one of the country’s most affordable places to live. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the rural lifestyle that West Virginia offers.

5. Wide Open Spaces in Wyoming

Wyoming’s vast landscapes and low 0.55% property tax rate make it an appealing place to call home. However, the average home price is a bit higher at $226,000. Nevertheless, many find it a worthwhile investment for a serene, rural lifestyle.

6. Dual Delights in South Carolina and Delaware

In this two-for-one special, both South Carolina and Delaware boast a 0.56% property tax rate. Delaware has no sales tax and relatively higher incomes. South Carolina, on the other hand, offers more affordable homes, with an average price difference of $80,000.

8. A Rocky Mountain High in Colorado

Colorado may be best known for its “Green Boom,” but this eco-friendly state also has an attractive property tax rate of 0.59%. Though the average home price is $375,000, it’s reasonable considering Colorado’s numerous outdoor recreational activities.

9. Affordable Arkansas Living

Arkansas offers homebuyers an affordable 0.63% property tax rate. The low average home price of $125,000 also makes it an ideal option for those keeping a close eye on their finances.

10. Southern Savings in Mississippi

Mississippi is rounding off this list of states with low property taxes, sharing borders with Louisiana and Alabama. Mississippi’s 0.64% property tax rate is significantly lower than New Jersey’s 2.31%. With average home prices around $127,000, this state offers a comfortable and affordable living experience.

Can You Reduce Your State Property Tax Bill?

Reducing your property tax bills is possible without leaving your home state. One simple method is to have an assessor evaluate your property and demonstrate that its value is lower than the local authorities’ estimation.

Examining your tax card, particularly when minimizing your tax expenses, is very important. If you notice inconsistencies in your tax bill compared to homes in your area, consider filing a tax appeal to request the municipality reassess their findings.

Additionally, many cities offer local exemptions that could further decrease your tax bill. Be proactive and research which towns have exemptions that apply to you.

Often, municipalities grant exemptions for low-income families and may extend additional benefits for disabled individuals as well.

States With No Property Tax Bottom Line

Are you worried about property taxes draining your income? Fret not! Some states may completely eliminate property taxes if you meet certain qualifications.

If not, there’s still hope, as numerous states offer relatively low property tax rates, each with distinct benefits and lifestyles suited to different preferences.

The key takeaway is that you can adapt to property tax rates and explore exemptions. By investigating, you might discover you’re eligible for one or multiple exemptions.

So, embrace the possibilities and make these tax rates work for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What states have the lowest property taxes?

  • Hawaii has the lowest property tax rate in the United States, with a rate of 0.31%.
  • Other states with low property taxes include Alabama, Louisiana, and Delaware.

How does income tax compare in states with low property tax rates?

Some states with low property tax rates, like Alaska and Florida, also have no state income tax. Others, like Hawaii and Louisiana, have state income taxes but may have lower rates or exemptions for certain residents.

Are there countries without property taxes?

A few countries don’t have property taxes, such as Bahrain, Monaco, and Qatar. However, these countries usually have other taxation or revenue streams to fund government services.

Which states in the US require a personal property tax?

Several states in the US impose a personal property tax, including but not limited to:

Do any states apply a personal property tax on vehicles?

Yes, some states do charge a personal property tax on vehicles, such as:

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