In a recent appearance on CNN, Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) did not mince words as she criticized President Biden for what she described as a perilous situation at the Southern border. 

Noem accused the administration of endangering state sovereignty and detailed the human toll of current border policies. The governor’s comments shed light on the ongoing debate surrounding immigration, border security, and the urgent need for presidential intervention.

Border Battle: Defending State Sovereignty

Governor Noem emphasized the need for states, particularly Texas, to uphold their constitutional rights and enforce state laws to protect their sovereignty. 

She condemned what she sees as Democrats pressuring the president to activate the National Guard to stand down, characterizing the situation as akin to a “war zone” at the Southern border.

Noem expressed her pride in standing with Texas, highlighting that she had deployed her state’s National Guard three times to support border security efforts. She asserted that the policies in place are leading to inhumane conditions and that action must be taken to safeguard the lives of those affected.

Cartels, Trafficking, and Desperation

The governor painted a vivid picture of the human cost of the current border situation. She described instances of drug trafficking, human trafficking, and women suffering due to what she deems “open border policies.” 

Noem shared harrowing stories of individuals, including a mother and her six-year-old daughter, who endured mistreatment at the hands of cartels during their journey to the United States.

Highlighting the efforts of the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard, Noem underscored the disparity between federal Border Patrol and local forces. 

She claimed that Border Patrol agents do not approve of President Biden’s policies and stressed that immediate action is needed to address the crisis.

Urgent Calls for Action

Governor Noem called on President Biden to exercise his legal authority to address the border crisis without waiting for legislative action. 

She argued that the President could take immediate steps, such as reinstating the “Stay in Mexico” policy and refocusing on building a border wall. Noem questioned why Biden hadn’t acted sooner, considering the tools at his disposal to protect the country.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the proposed bipartisan border deal, Noem labeled it a “terrible bill” that she believes would essentially codify illegal immigration. She echoed former President Trump’s sentiments that the bill should not pass, urging Biden to take decisive action to secure the nation’s borders.

People in the YouTube comments are critical of the border policy: “Aiding and abetting foreign invaders and using tax payers money and government resources to transport, house and financially support illegal foreign invaders is criminal!”

Others have some advice of their own: “Need to put pressure on the Arizona governor to put her national guard on the border.”

Another commenter added: “It seems these brilliant people in Congress can’t walk and chew gum. Border,  Israel, Maybe Ukraine. One at a time in that order. Mushing this all together is a deliberate play to not do anything at the Border.”

People have high praise for Governor Noem: “Kristi Noem would make a great president sometime in the future.”

A Governor’s Perspective

Governor Noem emphasized her daily confrontation with the effects of the open border, particularly in South Dakota. 

She raised concerns about Mexican cartels operating within tribal reservations, impacting communities beyond her jurisdiction. Noem highlighted the need to consider the long-term effects of decisions and expressed her willingness to explore legal actions to protect state interests.

In conclusion, the governor emphasized that President Biden has the tools at his disposal to act immediately and ensure the safety of the nation. She urged the President to take decisive steps to address the crisis at the border and criticized the slow progress in Congress, calling the proposed bill a “poison pill” that would not solve the underlying issues.

What do you think about Noem’s words? Is the southern border crisis a reflection of failed federal policies, or can states like Texas and South Dakota make a difference?

How can governors navigate the complex terrain of protecting state sovereignty in the face of a national border crisis?”

In the struggle between federal authority and state rights, what constitutional measures can be taken to secure the border and address the humanitarian crisis?

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