In a fiery House Oversight Committee hearing, Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) took the Democrats to task, accusing them of losing their “proverbial minds” on the issue of illegal immigration. Mace’s passionate speech targeted the left’s stance on open borders, condemning what she labeled as “complete and total BS.”

Selective Condemnation: Left’s Inconsistencies

Mace began by criticizing the left’s selective condemnation of violence, pointing out their reluctance to denounce actions by groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. She argued that the same group that claims to champion the nation of laws is the one undermining those very laws when it comes to immigration.

The South Carolina representative did not hold back in directly blaming President Joe Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas for what she called the intentional unleashing of an “invasion” of illegal aliens. 

Mace accused them of dismantling successful border security policies from the Trump administration, leading to an influx of individuals, including known terrorists, sex offenders, and drug traffickers.

Humanitarian, National Security, and Economic Impact

Mace argued that the so-called “compassionate” open border policies have resulted in an unprecedented humanitarian, national security, and economic crisis. 

She highlighted criminal cartels exploiting vulnerable individuals, leading to indentured servitude, sex slavery, and drug trafficking. Mace stressed the shocking statistics, estimating that 60% of unaccompanied alien children are exploited through child pornography and drug trafficking.

The representative painted a grim picture of the border, describing “rape trees” where cartels hang the underwear of women and girls brutally raped during their journey. 

She linked the Biden administration’s policies to the record deaths of illegal aliens, and American citizens due to fentanyl overdoses, and the surging profits for drug cartels.

Open Borders as a Menace

Mace did not mince words, declaring that open borders are not compassionate but evil. She called on governors, especially Governor Abbott, to share the consequences of these policies with sanctuary cities that suddenly find themselves with an influx of illegal immigrants.

During the questioning session, Mace pressed on legal immigration figures, criticized Secretary Mayorkas for empowering drug cartels and questioned the legality and violation of federal law in his actions and directives.

The YouTube commenters are happy with Representative Mace: “This lady has more balls than the entire government political parties combined even if her views are a bit skewed. Her words carry merit in the fight for truth. She may be evil, but the words she said rings true for most people. I don’t agree with everything she says.”

Others find some inconsistencies in her act: “Nancy, you have a road to travel to get on the good side of the next president of our country! Afterall you did vote to Impeach him!”

Some disagree, however: “Who does this unknown think she is? She makes me laugh!  Biden is the best President in the history of this country.”

Pondering the True Cost

The representative’s strong stance on the detrimental effects of open borders and the alleged failures of the Biden administration’s immigration policies leaves the committee and the public with much to ponder. 

As the nation grapples with the complexities of immigration, Mace’s impassioned speech adds fuel to the ongoing debate, raising questions about the true cost of so-called compassionate policies.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Nancy Mace’s assertion that open borders, touted as compassionate, may be contributing to an ‘evil’ humanitarian crisis?

In light of Mace’s accusations, how do you think the Biden administration should address the alleged empowerment of criminal cartels due to their immigration directives?

What role do you believe the media plays in shaping public opinion on immigration policies, especially in the context of the points raised by Representative Mace?

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