John Williams, an entrepreneur, finance expert, and YouTube star released a new video recently in which a stark warning has been issued regarding the future of New York. 

Williams highlights a series of developments and legal rulings that he believes indicate a significant shift in the state’s policies, potentially leading to a challenging and unprecedented environment for residents.

The video begins with a reference to an AP News article stating that New York Governor Kathy Hochul is taking measures that some describe as turning the state into quarantine camps, or as he jokingly refers to them –  “vacation destinations.” 

Williams expresses concern, asserting that while everyone wishes to move past the COVID-19 pandemic, the recent ruling by the Appellate Division of New York is alarming.

According to Williams, the court ruled that the state’s Commissioner of Health has the authority to issue quarantine orders to control the disease. The ruling, known as Rule 2.13, allegedly allows the state to enter homes and take individuals away without notice or due process. 

Williams emphasizes the potential gravity of this ruling, noting that it has gained millions of views and significant traction on social media.

As you can imagine, the comments are not so happy with this:

“This is just insanity!!! These politicians are out of control! A stop needs to be put on these people!”

“The fact that courts have sided with this witch is worrying.”

“Could you imagine how the millions of people would respond if she even thinks of doing this?  She is a servant to the people.  Wake up, everyone.”

“They tried the same exact BS in Australia. There were terrible incidents. The people finally rebelled. It’s over. There is power in the population.”

These are just a few choice ones out of the 3,000 comments on the video. As you can imagine, all of them follow this similar format – people are not happy. And are showing some tendencies to get a bit violent. Yikes! But can you blame them?

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The finance expert suggests that this ruling represents one of the country’s most significant abuses of power, raising concerns about potential consequences for individual rights and freedoms. He urges viewers to connect the dots, pointing to another interesting development in New York – the state’s increased surveillance efforts to monitor hate speech on social media platforms.

Basically, Kathy Hochul stated how it pains her to see New Yorkers treating each other and that it shouldn’t happen in a state known for diversity and how it celebrates different cultures. By monitoring social networks, she hopes to find and apprehend people involved in hate speech., For this, she allocated $75 million.

Williams emphasizes the potential infringement on free speech and privacy, expressing worry about the direction in which New York is heading. He questions the government’s authority to control speech and emphasizes the need for viewers to be informed about the evolving situation.

People in the comments are also worried about this, and are expectedly not happy with some seeing it as an attack on free speech: “Thank you for speaking out! Now they are also pushing to clamp down on free speech”

The video also touches on Mayor Adams’ projection from 2022 that commercial real estate in New York City will experience office vacancies until 2026. Williams suggests that this projection indicates a bleak economic outlook for the city, with businesses facing challenges and potential closures.

As the finance expert delves into various pledges and initiatives aimed at restructuring the city’s systems, he paints a picture of a significant transformation in New York’s landscape. 

He urges viewers to consider the potential consequences of these changes, pointing out that the wealth may be leaving the city, which could impact both businesses and residents. Williams also notes that there is a possibility that tourism might suffer due to these changes.

While closing out the video, Williams advises viewers to pay close attention to legislative changes and developments in their localities, emphasizing the need to be prepared for potential challenges ahead. 

You may look at this video as a call to action, encouraging individuals to stay informed and take proactive measures to navigate what seems to be an uncertain future in New York and possibly beyond.

One commenter wrote the perfect conclusion for this story: “These days when I hear words New York, John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York”  comes to mind.” Sounds about right.

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