Governor Ron DeSantis took to the stage in a recent Laconia, New Hampshire campaign event. There, he passionately dissected the current state of the U.S. military and shared his unfiltered perspectives on the nation’s formidable challenges under the Biden administration.

Military Decline and Woke Ideology

Governor DeSantis, the only veteran running for president, highlighted what he sees as a decline in the nation’s military. He attributed this decline to what he referred to as “woke ideology” and social experimentation infiltrating the armed forces. 

According to DeSantis, this has led to low morale and recruiting levels, with potential consequences for national security.

DeSantis emphasized the need for a “mission-first” approach in the military, where decisions are based on merit and performance rather than political agendas. He pledged to eliminate what he referred to as “woke nonsense” on day one of his presidency to restore focus on the mission and improve recruiting.

Global Challenges and Priorities

Addressing international issues, DeSantis outlined his stance on global conflicts. He expressed opposition to U.S. involvement in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, stating that it is not in the country’s interest. 

He also voiced support for Israel but emphasized that conflicts in the Middle East are not the primary focus, with China posing the most significant challenge to the United States.

Governor DeSantis identified China as the most substantial threat, stressing the importance of strategic and economic independence from the nation. He criticized the economic entanglement with China, calling for measures to protect the U.S. from relying on China for critical resources.

However, in the comments, some are critical of DeSantis: “Florida ranks 49th for worst income inequality in the U.S., with the top 1% of families earning almost 40 times as much as the bottom 99%. In Florida, 42% of employees make less than $15 an hour.”

Another commenter added: “Ah…. the evil catchword of “woke” raises its head. The great MAGA boogieman. Or the latest one…. Anything a MAGA persons doesn’t like is “woke”. To me this is all just a big joke. It would be funny if it wasn’t just so sad, and didn’t harm other people. I am more concerned with things that actually matter. Things that affect me and my family.”

Others are saying we should focus on other things: “How about we stop keeping the 100% of our focus on building our military so we can be in a constant war state with whoever we feel like picking a fight with and redirect those industrial efforts toward making something that helps PEACE work?!  How about that for a change?! Let’s get our heads out of our asses, People.”

Also, they moslty want the unnecessary name-calling between presidential candidates to stop: “Its hard to have pride in your country and want to defend it when your leaders do nothing but squabble and call each other names.”

European Security and NATO Responsibilities

DeSantis urged European NATO countries to contribute more to their defense, echoing a stance taken by former President Trump. He argued that these nations must meet the 2.5% GDP defense spending target to ensure collective security.

In line with his “America First” approach, DeSantis asserted that as commander-in-chief, he would prioritize U.S. interests and avoid sending troops into conflicts like the Russia-Ukraine situation, emphasizing a cautious approach to military interventions.

Governor DeSantis’ remarks provide insights into his vision for a robust and focused U.S. military, free from what he perceives as divisive ideological influences.

Is ‘woke ideology’ compromising the strength of the U.S. military, as Governor DeSantis suggests? How critical is a ‘mission-first’ approach to the effectiveness of the military? 

What are your thoughts on Governor DeSantis’ stance on global conflicts, particularly the Russia-Ukraine situation? Do you agree with Governor DeSantis’ emphasis on China as the primary threat to the United States?

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