In a recent report by the Office of the Texas Governor, a sense of urgency and desperation permeates the air of the Texas borderlands. Governor Greg Abbott is leading an unyielding charge against the consequences of what many describe as President Biden’s abandonment of the Lone Star State. 

Operation Lone Star, a multi-agency effort helmed by Abbott, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), and the Texas National Guard, is deploying historic strategies to counteract the fallout of open border policies.

Migration Across Borders

Since the initiation of Operation Lone Star, the frontline defenders have faced a relentless tide, with over 491,100 illegal immigrant apprehensions and an astounding 37,800 criminal arrests. The fight extends beyond borders, delving into the perilous war against the fentanyl crisis, resulting in the seizure of over 450 million lethal doses of the deadly drug.

Texas, grappling with the consequences of President Biden’s purported open border approach, has taken matters into its own hands. Over 12,500 migrants have been bused to Washington, D.C., over 31,200 to New York City, and thousands more to cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, and Los Angeles since the launch of Operation Lone Star.

Bold Border Security Measures

In the face of the Biden Administration’s refusal to secure the border, Governor Abbott has become a beacon of resilience. 

His recent signing of historic border security measures, against the backdrop of the Texas border wall in Brownsville, signifies a bold stance to protect the state and the nation from what he terms “President Biden’s border neglect.” Abbott’s three laws aim to curb illegal entries, allocate additional funding for border wall construction, and crack down on human smuggling.

Taking innovation to new heights, Texas has expanded its border transportation operations to include flights to cities like Chicago. In a video announcement, Governor Abbott shared the state’s commitment to addressing the migrant surge by exploring novel strategies. In an unprecedented move in April 2022, Abbott directed the voluntary transportation of migrants to sanctuary cities.

This week, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the Biden Administration to halt the cutting of Texas’ razor wire, granting Texas an injunction pending appeal. Texas vows to hold President Biden and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas accountable until they fulfil their duties to secure the border.

Lieutenant Chris Olivarez, speaking on Fox News, passionately defended Texas’ actions, labeling them as “historic” responses to the “extreme” open border policies of the Biden Administration. He emphasized the federal government’s failure to acknowledge the crisis at the border, leaving Texas with no choice but to take unprecedented action.

Facing Chaos in Eagle Pass

Lt. Olivarez, detailing a recent surge in Eagle Pass, described the situation as “beyond chaos” and pointed fingers at the deliberate inaction of the federal government. His accounts paint a harrowing picture of the challenges faced by Texas in combating the ruthless Mexican cartels operating along the Texas-Mexico border.

Recent footage showcases the Texas National Guard installing anti-climb barriers in the Eagle Pass region, a testament to the determination to stem the surge that President Biden’s open border policies encouraged. 

Corporal Aaron Barrow, an engineer on Operation Lone Star, recounted the efforts to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border, underscoring the unprecedented busyness of the current operation.

As the Lone Star State battles against the odds, Governor Abbott’s deployment of historic strategies to counter open border policies shows the state’s attempt at resilience and self-reliance. 

Federal responsibilities need to be reevaluated, and the Texan response, filled with emotional urgency, shows how border policies can have an impact on the lives of everyone.

Several questions about this situation immediately come to mind. In the midst of legal battles between Texas and the Biden Administration, how might this ongoing conflict influence the conversation about state autonomy and the limits of federal authority?

As Lt. Chris Olivarez highlights the extreme open border policies and the deliberate inaction of the federal government, how should the American people approach the ethical and humanitarian aspects of border security? What are your thoughts?

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