After the Maine Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows removed Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot, The Pine Tree has become a hot topic. As a state that was a republican stronghold, it is now mixed and considered a “purple” state. So naturally, anyone living in one of Maine’s top ten liberal cities and towns is celebrating this challenge against the former president. Let’s dive into them.

1. Portland

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With a total population of 68,280, this city leans strongly Democrat with 65.7%. The city boasts a highly educated population, with 34% of adults holding a bachelor’s degree. Women make up about 51% of Portland’s population.

2. South Portland

South Portland
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Like Portland, South Portland also boasts a 65.7% Democrat voter base. With a population of over 26,500, the city is home to 52% females. However, South Portland’s demographic has shifted in the last few years, making the political climate somewhat unpredictable. 

3. Westbrook

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Tieing with the previous two cities, Westbrook also leans to the left with 65.7% Democrat voters. With a population of over 20,300, 38% of adults possess a bachelor’s degree or above. The cost of living in Westbrook is 1.1 times higher than the national average.

4. Rockland

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Although a small city with about 7,000 inhabitants, Rockland is blue to its core, with a 58% Democrat voter base. 55% of the total population is female, and the city boasts a high educational attainment, with 37% of adults holding at least a bachelor’s degree.

5. Bath

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Another small city with a population of 8,775, Bath is 58.0% Democrat. As one of the wealthiest cities in Maine, Bath boasts a median income of $63,023. 36% of adults over 25 hold a bachelor’s degree or above.

6. Biddeford

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With a 54.3% Democrat voter base, this city is one of Maine’s blue regions. Biddeford has a population above 22,400, 50.1% of which is male. 26% of adults over the age of 25 possess a bachelor’s degree or higher.

7. Augusta

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Augusta is another blue city with a sizeable Democrat voter population. As the capital of Maine, the town has a rich political history, and local politics is lively. Augusta has a population of around 19,000, making it the 12th most populous city in the Pine Tree State.

8. Saco

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Saco leans to the left, with 54.3% of the population voting for the Democrats. The city has a population of 20,446, 51.1% of which is female. The town has incredible educational attainment, with at least 25% of adults holding a bachelor’s degree.

9. Ellsworth

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Though the city is small, with a population of 8,478, Ellsworth is reliably blue, with 54.3% of the voters leaning to the left. 52% of the total population is female, and the population has increased by about 12% since 2010. 

10. Belfast

Augusta 1
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Although the voter base is at a split, Belfast leans to the left with 50.3%. This small city has almost 7,000 inhabitants, with 56.6% of the population being female. The educational attainment is high, with 45% of adults holding a bachelor’s degree or above.

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