Welcome to our eye-opening guide where we explore the states with the lowest average IQ scores in America. The term IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a common indicator of intellectual capacity, though it’s more than just a simple score. An IQ test measures various aspects of intelligence, not just knowledge but also reasoning, problem-solving abilities, and much more.

So, why focus on the states with the lowest scores? Understanding where these scores come from and their implications is important in addressing educational and societal challenges. Let’s examine the findings and shed some light on these scores.

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#10 South Carolina

South Carolina Flag
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In South Carolina, ranked tenth among the states with the lowest IQs, a peculiar incident highlighted local conflicts and unique problem-solving methods. A man repeatedly destroyed his neighbor’s Joe Biden lawn sign by driving over it after having drinks. Instead of opting for surveillance, the sign owner cleverly placed a large, hard-to-miss boulder painted with the Biden sign on his lawn. The aggressive neighbor, failing to remember the boulder, eventually crashed into it, resulting in serious injuries.

This story exemplifies some of the unorthodox behaviors observed in areas with average IQ levels, which in South Carolina is around 97.8, reflecting untypical cognitive capabilities.

#9 Texas

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Texas, known for its strong universities and many high-performing school districts, generally fares well in terms of educational attainment. However, the state’s average IQ score stands at 97.4, which doesn’t reflect the overall educational environment.

There’s an amusing anecdote from Texas highlighting this discrepancy: a man with presumably low IQ stole police car lights and attached them to his car, brazenly driving around Main Street. His actions led to a quick arrest. The story underscores that despite a decent education system, individual actions can paint a different picture.

#8 West Virginia

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West Virginia, known for its stunning landscapes and friendly locals, often finds itself the subject of jokes and stereotypes about the intellect of its residents. These stereotypes, while generally unfair, are said to have some basis in reality, reflecting differences in intelligence.

There is a notable disparity in IQ scores in West Virginia between those living in rural areas (“hollers”) and urban centers. The state’s average IQ is 97.2, surprisingly leading to many West Virginia jokes and stereotypes.

#7 Arkansas

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Arkansas, often the butt of many jokes and stereotypes, isn’t immune to criticism regarding its residents’ intelligence. Common quips suggest that Arkansas locals might be less than sharp, with jokes about dating relatives and IQ levels that leave something to be desired. For instance, a comedian once shared his experience in Little Rock, where a simple task like spelling his name ‘Ron’ was botched by hotel staff, not just once but twice.

Despite these jokes, the average IQ in Arkansas stands at 97.1, deemed suitable for various professions but still on the lower end.

#6 California

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California, known for its diverse population and vibrant culture, also has areas of lower IQ scores, particularly in the remote backwoods and desert regions. These less populous areas contrast with the more intellectual western coastal regions. A peculiar story highlights this difference: a man repeatedly caught invading women’s privacy in restrooms, using his cell phone to take photos. Even after being convicted and claiming to have misunderstood the legal concept of Double Jeopardy, he committed the same offense in the courthouse.

This example underscores the varied intelligence levels across the state, with an average IQ of 97.1, which humorously suggests that a suitable job might be a sewage plant operator, given the metaphorical ‘sewage’ in behavior.

#5 Nevada

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In Nevada, particularly in remote areas such as the central desert regions, average IQ scores are notably lower. This can be vividly illustrated through an anecdote from Las Vegas, where a non-homeless man, after gambling away his money, resorted to collecting change from a public fountain to fund his way home. Despite police intervention and instructions to return the money and refrain from further disruptions, he repeatedly returned to the fountain, leading to his eventual arrest.

The average IQ in Nevada is 96.6, suggesting a landscape where better education might be crucial for improving living standards.

#4 Alabama

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Alabama, often referred to as the Heart of Dixie, holds the fourth rank nationwide for the lowest average IQ scores, which stands at 96.4. Interestingly, the state also ranks fourth for individuals who misinterpret vodka as a form of mouthwash.

However, low IQ is just one of many issues in the state, with Birmingham’s presence considered a more significant challenge. Alabama’s myriad problems highlight broader socio-economic challenges beyond just intellectual metrics.

#3 Mississippi

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Mississippi is often highlighted for its challenges, and it consistently appears in discussions about states facing numerous issues. An intriguing incident encapsulates the state’s unique predicaments: a man in Mississippi awoke after a night of heavy drinking to discover his belongings stolen, only to find later that everything was actually in his backyard. When the police investigated, they learned from a neighbor that the homeowner was responsible for the bizarre situation after he moved his belongings outside at 3:00 AM.

This story, while amusing, also highlights some of the unusual events that can occur in the state. Mississippi’s average IQ is recorded at 95.8.

#2 Louisiana

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Louisiana ranks low on many fronts, but notably, it has the worst record in the country for workplace safety, with a troubling number of residents missing fingers due to accidents. With an average IQ of 95.2, the state sees a range of suggested jobs for its populace that raises some eyebrows.

Among these roles are nuclear decontamination technicians, which is particularly surprising given the complexities typically associated with nuclear-related fields. The recommendation for such a job for someone with a below average IQ underscores the unique challenges and decisions faced by the state’s workforce.

#1 New Mexico

New Mexico Flag
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New Mexico ranks surprisingly high as the state with the lowest average IQ in the United States. While it was unexpected to see New Mexico at the top of this list, further examination of educational statistics such as graduation rates seems to support this finding. Importantly, having a low IQ does not necessarily equate to poor education, but there is often a correlation between the two.

Beyond the urban areas, many residents hold unconventional beliefs, such as an underground city of aliens engaged in a long-standing war with the U.S. government located in the mountains of northern New Mexico. This quirky piece of local lore is supported by individuals who spend considerable time searching for this hidden city. The average IQ in New Mexico is 95, which is the lowest in the nation.

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