Your Listing Instructions

Step 1 – Submit Your Home’s Property Details

This form is for us to get important information about your home so we can set up the listing correctly. You will be asked to provide your home’s listing description, showing details and all the characteristics of your home. This can take 15-20 minutes of your time.

Step 2 – Submit Your Home’s Photographs

If you are submitting your photos, depending on what plan you purchased, you can submit up to 10 photos for the Get LISTED! plan or up to the maximum number of photos your MLS allows for the Get SOLD! plan.

Below are the maximums allowed by MLS.

  • Connecticut MLS – 40 Photos
  • Georgia MLS – 50 Photos
  • Maine MLS – 30 Photos
  • Massachusetts MLS – 42 Photos
  • Massachusetts Cape Cod & Islands MLS – 35 Photos
  • New Hampshire NEREN MLS – 40 Photos
  • New York Eastern NY Regional MLS – 25 Photos
  • New York Columbia Northern Dutchess MLS – 25 Photos
  • New York Long Island MLS – 36 Photos
  • New York Hudson Gateway MLS – 36 Photos
  • New York Global MLS – 25 Photos
  • Rhode Island State-Wide MLS – 40 Photos
  • Vermont NEREN MLS – 40 Photos

Step 3 – Sign the Listing Agreement

Once we have items 1 & 2 above, we will send you what is called an “Exclusive Agency” listing agreement. This agreement is a requirement to enter your home into the MLS. This agreement allows Get LISTED Realty (our real estate brokerage) to be the “Exclusive” real estate broker that can list your home. Don’t worry; you retain full rights to sell your home on your own and only pay a commission if your buyer is working with a buyer’s agent.

So keep an eye out for an email from us with the subject Team sent you the document “Your Property Address”.

Once we have the listing agreement signed, we will have your home listed in the MLS in 1 business day.

Thank you!