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Do you have a house in New Mexico that you are trying to sell quickly?

If so, selling to a local investor “We Buy Houses” company such as us, might be the exact solution you are looking for. We have the largest network of all cash home buyers located in New Mexico who will make you a fair offer on a home in any condition or any situation you may find yourself in.

Whether you inherited a property, are getting a divorce, facing foreclosure, a natural disaster has damaged your house or even just want to unload your home without any hassle, you can quickly turnover the property using our investment team.

But don’t think all of these types of investors online are the same, because they could not be more different. There are a lot of buyers looking to take advantage of your situation, especially in New Mexico. You are going to want to work with a company that has the network, experience, funds and resources to actually buy your home and not just waste your time.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, keep reading.

Pro Tip: We have investors in every state and every market in the US, who are professionals that can provide you with the best cash offer to buy your house and get you the most money you deserve. Our investors have a large network of professional resources that are lined up and ready to go so that you can close quickly and without any problems.

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Why Would I Want To Sell My New Mexico House Fast?

There are numerous reasons you may need to quickly sell your New Mexico house, but there are also numerous benefits to selling your home to a We Buy Houses company in New Mexico. Let’s have a look at a few good reasons to consider this fast option.

Quick Sale

Not everyone has time for a traditional sale. The marketing and closing process can take a considerable amount of time. Using our all cash home buyers network offers the advantage of cash in hand fast. We typically can make an offer within 24 to 48 hours and can close to deal within 7 to 14 days! That’s quite the reduction compared to the traditional route, which currently averages between 65 and 93 days nationwide from listing to close.

All Cash

We Buy Houses companies that operate in New Mexico will almost always make all cash offers. That grants you instant access the full amount we pay for your home, with no waiting on loans to close, no lending appraisals or inspections, just cash. This quick income can come in handy if you need to settle a divorce, pay down debt, or are buying a new home and need the guaranteed money for the down payment, among any other cash obligations you may have.

The bottom line is that cash offers are faster, involve far less paperwork, and are fee free.


Another HUGE benefit when selling for cash to a We Buy Houses company is there’s no reason to do any repairs, remodeling, staging, or even cleaning when selling your home. You can sell your house to one of our New Mexico investors, “as-is.” That means far less work for you and even more saved time and money. 

Home improvement contractors in New Mexico are in demand and pre-sale improvements can be expensive. You can avoid all the hassle associated with making your house ready for selling to a traditional buyer who expects a up-to-date finished product.

“As-is” also means that the condition of your home won’t affect your ability to sell flood or fire damaged, neglected, foundation issues or any other problems that typically would prevent bank financing. These issues are very problematic with a traditional sale but they aren’t an issue when selling your home to our home buyers.

No Hassle of the Traditional Sales Process

As mentioned, the average time to sell a home in the US is 65 to 93 days—a whopping 30 to 45 of those days are consumed in the closing process.

In a traditional bank financed sale, buyers must be approved, credit ran, financials checked, down payments made, the home must be inspected, the New Mexico title researched, appraisal performed, papers have to be signed, and all the above requires processing time. Things can drag out even more if there are contingencies to the loan, such as home inspections or even the sale of the buyer’s current home.

The process can be a significant hassle, but all the above are bypassed when selling your home to one of our New Mexico real estate investors.

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Who Sells To These Home Buyer Companies?

Anyone who needs to be quickly free of the obligation of owning a home may utilize our New Mexico We Buy Houses investment team. They are also a popular option for those who need to liquidate their assets quickly.

Motivated Sellers Who Want a Quick and Easy Sale

The common theme, however, is that sellers who use this “Buy My New Mexico House” service are motivated to sell and want a quick, easy sale. Personal and financial factors can play an important role in that decision too.

This often comes down to things such as divorce, new debt, reduced income, new jobs, illness, family changes, and other events that result in the need to reduce monetary obligations or change locations in a short time frame.

If you find yourself unable to pay your mortgage or need to move out of New Mexico quickly, our cash buyers can offer an easy out.

Owners Facing Foreclosure

Not every homeowner in New Mexico has the same motivation to sell. Owners who face a foreclosure might have no choice but to sell fast for cash.

Foreclosures stay on your credit report for seven years and can affect your ability not only to get a new loan but also to be approved for rentals. It can increase your insurance rates and may even affect your job applications. In this age, credit matters, and a foreclosure is catastrophic for your rating, it can result in an instant 100-point drop or more.

Selling your New Mexico home to a We Buy Houses company allows you to avoid foreclosure and the credit repercussions that come along with it. You walk free of your debt, possibly with cash in hand, if the sale amount exceeds your mortgage.

Investors Looking for an Exit Plan

The New Mexico real estate market can be lucrative but it’s also unforgiving. It’s not uncommon for investors to purchase a house, and then realize they don’t have enough time to make the necessary repairs to flip or rent it out for ongoing income.

Others may find they bit off more than they could chew so to speak, and that the repairs necessary are either beyond their skill level or would exceed the potential return on investment once the house is complete.

The home may also be in livable condition already, and the investor may just need to liquidate the asset. Regardless of why an investor is looking for an exit plan, they often rely on We Buy Houses companies to get rid of homes that they no longer want to recoup their investment for use elsewhere.

Severely Damaged Homes (Natural Disaster, Flood, Fire, or Neglect)

Mother nature isn’t always good to homes, no matter the location. Rebuilding your house after a flood or fire can be almost impossible if you don’t have insurance, or your New Mexico insurance company won’t cover the damage. Sometimes you’re left with no money to rebuild or look for another house.

Neglect can also significantly devalue a home, make it difficult to find a buyer and in severe cases, may even disqualify the home for bank financing. Perhaps you neglected the house due to health reasons or time constraints. Regardless of why, once a home is in a state of disrepair, if you can’t afford repairs you could be in a bind.

However, damaged homes aren’t an issue for We Buy Houses companies. While your offer may be lower, buy homes as-is and in any condition is no problem for our team. After all, even if your home is a complete loss, the land it sits on still has value and possibly has salvageable materials. We can give you the money you need to restart your life. It will not be as much as you wanted before the damage, but it’s a fresh start for you and your family and can happen quickly.

Inherited Properties

Inherited properties can be difficult and even emotional. Sometimes they’re not full of fond memories for those who inherit the property, in those cases, the owner often just wants to wash their hands of it.

In other cases, the new owner may be indifferent to the property. Perhaps they didn’t know the person who passed very well or at all, already have a home they like more, or they don’t even live in the state of New Mexico! They also may be unable to keep up with the costs associated with the house or have other debts they wish to pay with the proceeds from selling the inheritance.

It all comes down to owning a house you don’t want or need, and not having the time or desire to deal with the hassles of selling via the traditional method.

Divorcing Owners

Divorce requires an even split of the assets acquired during the marriage. For many, that includes the equity built in a home.

If neither party wants to keep the home, for whatever reason, or the party that does want the house can’t afford to pay the other party their share of the equity, a quick sale might be necessary to settle the divorce proceedings.

Our New Mexico real estate investment team allows divorcees to complete the separation of their assets quickly without the need to interact with one another during the lengthy sale process that can be involved in a traditional sale. In the long run, this could be the best option for a couple that is having problems with getting along.

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How Our Process Works

Do you want to know more about how this process works? Using a We Buy Houses company to sell your home is straightforward, even for a first-time seller. Knowing about the process can give you more of an idea if this option is for you. Let’s have a look.


Submit your request for a cash offer

To start our “We Buy Houses in New Mexico” process you will have to fill out this form with information about your house. This is an online process, so don’t worry about mailing, faxing or even calling your information in to us. You won’t need to send any paperwork or meet in person in most cases.


We research your home and call or email you

Our quick home sale investment team will research the value of your house. That may include an in-person visit to give them a good idea of what a fair offer might look like, if they can’t determine a value based on whats online. It doesn’t matter if there is current damage or not, we buy houses in all conditions but we have to take damage into account when making an offer.


Once we understand your home, you are provided a cash offer

Once we have an offer range in mind, you’ll be contacted and you can decide if it’s an acceptable offer. You may decline the offer if it doesn’t meet your expectations. So don’t worry, you’re under no obligation to sell simply for filling out our cash offer form.


Choose the closing date and sell your home

If you accept their offer, the next step is to choose a closing date. We will allow you more than enough time to pack and move things out of the house or can close ASAP. Our investors are usually flexible in this regard, allowing you as much time as you need or closing as quickly as you’d like.

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Pros and Cons of Selling This Way

Have you decided on selling your New Mexico house the fast way? If not, you can compare the pros and cons right here.


  • The process is fast — sometimes in as little as a week.
  • You’ll get the full amount in cash — no fees or monthly payments.
  • There’s no need to make repairs or remodel — you won’t have to worry about more money and time spent on renovations and new designs.
  • No home staging, open houses, or dealing with buyers and agents — the process is no-fuss.
  • No lending requirements — regardless of the condition of your home, you’ll get an offer.


  • You might get less for your house — if you’re willing to make repairs and deal with buyers, you could potentially get more for your home than a We Buy Houses company will offer.
  • There’s a high-risk for scams — as many sellers who reach out to other We Buy Houses companies in New Mexico who have no choice but to sell, some unscrupulous companies are scams, so working with a reputable company is critical.

Although the pros outweigh the cons, most people want to maximize their return on investment when they sell a house in New Mexico. If you have time to sell your home the traditional method, a We Buy Houses company might not be the best option for you. However, if you want a hassle-free option with a cash buyer that closes fast, this is the best route to take.

Do you want a fair cash offer for your home?

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Alternatives to Selling to a We Buy Houses in New Mexico Company

If you’re not sure if selling your home to our real estate investors is the right call, it’s helpful to explore your alternatives. There are numerous ways to sell a house from the well-known realtor option to lesser-known iBuyers.

List with a Realtor

If you don’t want to use a We Buy Houses company, your first alternative is to list your home with a local Realtor in New Mexico. A real estate agent will do some of the work for you by listing your house on the market. Their experience can also come in handy in marketing and staging your home to sell faster than if you did it alone. Their connections to the community and the fact that many buyers seek homes through a realtor are also advantageous.

The disadvantage of using a realtor is that you have to pay them for their service via a commission. As a commission is a percentage of the sale price, the more your house sells for, the more money the realtor makes. That’s a great incentive for them to help you sell high, but it is a cost to consider.

In most cases, your realtor and the buyer’s agent have to split the 5-6% commission. That percentage comes out of the total cost of your house, and you pay it when the deal closes. It might seem like a lot, but it can be worth it if selling to a cash investor doesn’t seem to work for you.

Further Reading: If you want to sell your house with a real estate agent then you should consider a discount real estate broker. These business models are an excellent option for home sellers who are looking to save on real estate commissions and still get high quality service. Check out our guide below.

Sell For Sale By Owner

Did you know you can sell your New Mexico house by owner? You don’t have to hire a real estate agent to do the job for you—but keep in mind, selling a house comes with a lot of hard work.

When you sell your home by yourself, you need to deal with all the marketing, as well as come up with a price and list the property. All MLS’s (multiple listing services) do require a Realtor to list your house in them, but you can use a Flat Fee MLS Listing in New Mexico company (like us too!).

Using this service or any FSBO option, you will have to interact with buyers, stage your home, and hold open houses and showings, as well as handle all the paperwork aspects of the selling process.

picture of successful flat fee mls listing customers

Want To Learn More About Flat Fee MLS Listings?

If you want to save at least 50% of the Realtor commissions, check out our article about 9 Things FSBO’s Need To Know About Flat Fee MLS Listings

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Renovate and Flip

Another option to maximize your investment is to renovate and flip the home. Regardless of the level of damage, repairs can often drastically increase the value of a building. However, how practical this option is will largely depend on the current condition of the home, your skills as far as what you can do without hiring a contractor, and the potential value of the house once renovated.

Renovation also can’t fix certain issues, such as a poor location or a neighborhood with lower than average housing prices. There are roadblocks that can interfere with a successful renovation as well. Running into something like black mold or a damaged foundation can seriously derail the renovation process. Roadblocks also mean more time and money you have to invest in the house.

Like all methods of selling a house, there are pros and cons to house flipping, especially in the New Mexico real estate market. On the one hand, this option stands to offer the largest return, especially if you sell the house yourself once repaired. On the other hand, renovation can be expensive, time-consuming, and high risk. After all, if you put the money and time in to fix the house and it doesn’t sell, there’s no way to get your money back.

If your New Mexico home would require extensive repairs to fetch a fair market price or qualify for bank financing, opting to sell to our We Buy Houses investors is a far lower risk choice.

Transition to a Rental

While it may not be an option in all situations, if you can no longer live in your home, renting it out is an alternative to selling. Using your home as a rental effectively allows you to have someone else pay your mortgage. If you don’t have one—even better! That’s monthly cash in your pocket.

However, renting your house isn’t passive income. You’ll have to find reliable renters and then maintain the rental for them. Both aspects can be quite a hassle. Sometimes even with the most thorough application process, you can end up with deadbeat tenants who don’t pay, trash the place, or worse, both.

You could opt to let a property management company handle the application process and maintenance, but keep in mind that it will cut into your take home. Renting your home out may be a better option than selling to a We Buy Houses company if you don’t have an immediate reason to sell.

Sell to an iBuyer

Sell it online using an iBuyer real estate website like Zillow Instant Offers, Opendoor or Offerpad. This is the newest hot thing to make waves in the real estate industry. These companies act a lot like the “We Buy Houses” companies but they make you an offer within 24-72 hours based on what you submitted online. They use a lot of artificial intelligence to run through very sophisticated algorithms and figure out what an appropriate offer is.

Keep in mind, after they make an offer and you accept, they will have a home inspection period in place where they can verify the information you submitted online is correct. If they are not comfortable with the condition, they can renegotiate or back out of the offer.

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That wraps up everything we can possibly think of about selling your house to our New Mexico “We Buy Houses” investment team.

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