Will my contact information show on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com etc?

4 October 2019

Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc are all 3rd party websites and as consumer friendly as they are for searching properties for sale, these websites are businesses.

These websites make money by having real estate agents pay to get buyer “leads” sent to them from people who request a showing or more information from these sites. When buyers start submitting their information on these sites, it doesn’t always go to the listing office. This is a common misconception with these websites and is this way for ALL listings, not just with our service.

With that said, your contact information will not typically be able to be shown on these websites directly and there is also no way to have the real estate agents who pay to be featured on the listings not appear. Like we said, that is how these companies make money.

Please Note: When the local MLS listing broker does get the inquiries from these websites, they forward the contact directly to you so that you can follow up with them directly. The best part is, the contact gets sent to you usually in a couple hours, which is far faster than most real estate agents would respond to any buyer inquiries if you listed with a traditional agent!

Also, most of your inquiries and showing requests will come from buyers agents from the MLS. This is because 90% of buyers are working with agents to find and purchase a home. That is why our MLS listings are so powerful.

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