How will people get in contact with me from Zillow, Trulia, etc.?

4 October 2019

When you use this type of service your home will technically be listed with a real estate agent, even though you are retaining the right to sell by owner.

The only way to get on most of these sites is by listing with a real estate agent, so there is no way around that.

Anytime a buyer inquiries on your listing from one of these portals, the inquiry will be forwarded to you so that you can followup with them.

Please Note: One thing to keep in mind, these 3rd party real estate portals will have other real estate agents receive buyer inquiries sent directly to them. These agents pay for those “leads” and we can not prevent them from getting those buyers information. This is how those websites make their money and it works that way for ALL listings, not just our service.

Also, most of your inquiries and showing requests will come from buyers agents from the MLS. This is because 90% of buyers are working with agents to find and purchase a home. That is why our MLS listings are so powerful.

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