How is my listing on different than the MLS listing?

4 October 2019

When you purchase a listing plan with us, you also get a true FSBO listing on our website (in addition to your MLS listing).

We get a lot of website visitors that are looking for homes for sale by owner and your listing on our website is another tool for you to use to try to sell your home to a buyer that is not working with a real estate agent and save 100% of the commission.

The MLS is a very powerful platform but has a lot of rules that you have to follow.

Your listing on is more flexible than the MLS and allows you to put whatever you want in the description and buyers who request more information will be sent directly to you.

In addition, your listing on has sharing tools for you to directly share to social media for you to show off on all social media channels. Website visitors can all share your listing to people they know might be interested. You can generate some serious buzz and possibly go viral!

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