Buying a property in another country is exciting. You’re opening yourself up to a whole new life, but let’s not forget: it can be expensive. Before you hop on an airplane to search for your dream property, think about how far your money will go when it comes to real estate. Compare real estate prices around the world to help you decide what you can afford and what may be better left as a dream.

Real Estate Options in the World

Check out our economic analysis of the top cities around the world, and how much you’ll have to pay per square feet.

Higher Priced Cities

Let’s begin with one of the more expensive options on the global scale: London. London is a beautiful city with an amazing history, and with amazing apartments too. If you’re looking to buy an apartment right at the city center, it’ll be $1611.52 per square foot.

Right below London in Beijing. Clocking in at $1431.14 per square foot, Beijing is certainly one of your more expensive options. This is a well-known city with much to do and culture everywhere.

Finally, there’s Geneva, France. At a few hundred dollars less than London, an apartment in Geneva will cost you $1189.57 per square foot. It only makes sense considering the beauty of the city, but you must have your finances together if you want to make Geneva, Beijing, or London your home.

Most Expensive Cities

The most expensive real estate pricing is in Hong Kong. It far surpasses all other countries with a $2683.63 price tag per square foot. That’s about 1.3 million Euros, which is nine times the global average. In general, real estate prices in Hong Kong is nine times the global average.

Least Expensive Cities

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a cheaper option and you would like to explore the Russian continent, many Russian cities are extremely inexpensive. Nizhny Novgorod is only $121.46 per square foot, while a place in Tomsk is even less expensive at $97.37. Our analysis doesn’t cover the larger Russian cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, but you will no doubt have to pay more in more well-known cities.

You can also consider some cities in South America, which are similarly inexpensive. In Columbia, you can live in Barranquilla for only $81.96. Really, the most expensive cities in South America, like Rio de Janeiro, are still not as expensive as other options. You can get a place in Rio for $263.88 per square foot.

Real Estate Prices in North America

Living in Washington is much less expensive than Beijing, although you will pay more than you would in Russia. An apartment in Seattle will cost you $647.60 per square foot. Make sure you pack a nice coat if you plan to move to the windy city.

Other options in the United States, such as San Francisco and New York, are definitely more expensive. San Francisco will cost you $1155.26 per square foot, while New York will be $1291.42. As two major cities in the US, and highly coveted placed to live, it’s clear why they’re more expensive.

Of course, if you want to make your home in North America, you can also choose to live in Canada. One of the more well-known Canadian cities, Winnipeg, will be fairly inexpensive at $212.34. If you have no problem dealing with the cold, you can make a lovely home up north.


There are amazing cities around the world that you can make your home in. Whether you want to live in the cold of Russia or Canada, or in a busier city like Beijing or London, you have many options available to you. Think about the price before you make your move and if you’ll be able to afford your dream city.


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