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Why? Simple. The Texas real estate market is hot… in fact, it’s one of the hottest states to move to in the United States.

Homes are in high demand as people move from all around the country to the great state of Texas. This means real estate agent services are also in high demand for all these home buyers and sellers.

If you are a previous client or even someone that is searching for “sell my house” services, we would like to welcome My Active Agent’s audience to and show you what we have to offer you.

Texas Real Estate Market

As we said, the housing market in Texas is on fire, in 2022 the year-over-year prices on homes that have sold are up almost 20%.

This buyer frenzy has been caused by a few factors including low existing home inventory, high new construction material and labor costs, historically low-interest rates, and huge buyer demand.

Perhaps we will see this frenzy start to calm down as interest rates are rising and hopefully the new construction costs will normalize later in 2022.

But for now, it’s still a very hot and somewhat crazy real estate market that you will need to be prepared for if you are going to be buying or selling a home in Texas.

Buying a House in Texas

Right now buying a house in Texas can be a rough experience.

Buyer demand has skyrocketed and the resale and new construction inventory can not keep up with this demand. However, just because this is a challenging real estate market, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost.

Here are 3 helpful tips for Texas homebuyers.

1. Interview agents and lenders before committing

If you want to have the best possible home-buying experience, choosing the right real estate agent for you is extremely important. You are going to rely on their experience and expertise to find the perfect home or condo for you and complete the sale. Who you choose to represent you will absolutely have an impact on your budget, stress, and outcome.

Before signing a buyer representation agreement you will want to interview a few agents that you researched online or through recommendations. Have an initial meeting with these agents to discuss your needs and goals and see if they can help you and if both of your personalities work well together.

Do you like them? Do you think they will be able to help you? Do they have demonstrated experience in your target housing market? Did the Realtor try to educate you on how to buy a house? These are important questions to answer before you make a formal commitment.

Remember, once you have signed a contract to have an agent represent you or started the mortgage process with a lender, you are legally bound to them and it will be difficult, time-consuming, and even expensive to make a switch.

2. Be flexible In Your Home Search

Once you have your real estate team, you will want to start a very targeted home search but keep an open mind when searching homes for sale in Texas.

Remember, housing prices have increased in the hottest markets, so you could be able to get more value by looking at the outskirts of these hot markets, this could help you find your dream home and still be close enough to those hot markets for you to drive into regularly.

You could also consider buying land and building a custom new home or even a manufactured home instead of buying a home that is a resale or in a new development.

One very popular option that has become a favorite housing choice in Texas is a new style of housing called Barndominiums. This trendy new home is typically built with metal kits and can have very high ceilings and very open floor plans because of this type of construction.

Here is one of our articles where we explain “barndos” in more detail and how to choose a top barndominium company to work with to construct this type of home.

3. Consider Making a Cash Offer

This might sound crazy, especially if you don’t have enough liquid cash in your bank account to make an all-cash offer but there are some new and innovative companies that can help you make a cash offer.

Remember, homes for sale in Texas are being sold very fast and very competitively. Your offer needs to be submitted to the home seller as strong as possible and the old expression cash is king still holds true.

Sellers love cash offers because:

  • No-hassle Escrow Process
  • A Sure, Fast Closing
  • Fewer Contingencies
  • Avoid Lender Required Repairs

Selling a House in Texas

Housing real estate market conditions are highly favorable for home sellers in Texas right now.

It’s fair to say that so far in 2022, this isn’t the best time to purchase a home.

Recently, mortgage rates have been climbing and home prices in Texas are still sitting at record highs, making them unaffordable for many buyers.

On top of that, Texas housing inventory is still at record lows, so buyers today don’t have many homes to choose from.

This certainly makes it a tricky time to buy a home but it’s a great time to sell one.

That doesn’t mean you can wing it and throw your home on the market at an outrageous price and expect it sell.

You still need to follow home selling best practices such as making your home look really, really good both in person and online, pricing correctly and listing on the MLS.

Notice we didn’t say listing with an agent, that’s because you don’t have to if you don’t want to but we always recommend listing on the MLS.

At we have 3 options for home sellers in Texas that can help you sell your house and save on the high cost of selling your house including real estate agent commissions.

Sell Your Texas Home Yourself With a Flat Fee MLS Listing

A flat fee MLS listing is a type of agreement between home sellers and a type of real estate brokers that specialize in “Entry Only” listings. We have a network of the best flat fee MLS brokers in Texas that will help you out selling on your own.

These listing allow you to list on the MLS but still retain the right to sell on your own, as long as you follow the MLS rules.

Sell Your House With The Best Texas Agents For a Negotiated Discount

Believe it or not, we went out and found the best local agents throughout Texas and negotiated a significant discount on the commission they charge when selling houses and you can get this discount just by letting us know you are interested.

It’s important to note that these are not “discount agents”, these are agents that typically charge a full commission but we negotiated lower fees, just for you! You get the same or even better home selling experience but at a much lower commission some are even as low as 1%!

Sell Your Texas House Fast With a Cash Offer

It is no surprise that the traditional home selling process can be a very stressful, time-consuming and uncertain process and Texas is certainly no exception.

Before putting your home on the market you have to get your house ready to sell.

Then you will have your life disrupted by complete strangers during showings and open houses.

Then, once you have a buyer, you will have to keep your fingers crossed through the escrow process, hoping that the sale will close.

We have an alternative option if you want to sell your house as quickly as possible. If you are a homeowner who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of selling, we have a network of cash buyers in Texas who are ready to make you a cash offer on your home.

This is a similar option to the We Buy Ugly Houses signs you see all around but the deals tend to be more favorable for sellers.

One popular option that is very similar with a few key differences is a new iBuyer company named “OpenDoor” they are buying houses for cash in a few hot Texas real estate markets. You can see our full review on Opendoor here.

Moving to Texas

If you are moving to Texas from out of state, we think you are making an excellent life decision.

The “Long Star State” ranks 2nd as the most populated state in the US and perhaps this is because of the warmer weather, diverse cultures, no state income tax, and overall lower cost of living in Texas.

Keep in mind, that Texas is a very large state and the local areas are all unique. The major areas that attract the most people are below but don’t think you need to move right into the center of these real estate markets, there are many, many local small towns in the country that you should consider in the broader areas.

Consider moving to these Texas destinations: