Calling Nashville, Tennessee, home would grant you access and opportunity to a new and exciting way of living. Known for music, phenomenal food, and several historical landmarks, a move to Nashville is a move to a hot spot of action and adventure. With four mild seasons and mountain views, it sounds similar to a paradise on Earth.

However, there are some other significant factors to consider before renting a U-haul and making the move. Here, you’ll learn all you need to know to help make that big decision. To move or not to move?

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Nashville’s Greatest Assets


If you are a musical artist looking for a town that offers a great opportunity to expand your career, Nashville is an ideal place to be. If you’re more of a listener, Nashville will fulfill your expectations for live music and entertainment. You’ll find an endless supply of live music, art, culture, local food, and drink and nightlife activities in Nashville. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never get bored in Nashville!

NASHVILLE, TENNESSE Honky-tonks on Lower Broadway. The district is famous for the numerous country music entertainment establishments.

For as many indoor activities as Nashville has to offer, there are a ton of outdoor things to do for nature lovers thinking of moving to Nashville. Offering several historic sites to explore, and outdoor activities ranging from hiking to camping and swimming. Nashville’s mild 4 seasons will allow you to explore the beautiful land to your heart’s content.

While all these things are awesome, what about the logical pieces of deciding to move? Things like employment rates, taxes, neighborhoods, price of real estate? While not as exciting as all the potential concerts you’ll be attending, and all of the southern bbq you intend to eat, these things must be considered along with all the fun stuff. Don’t worry, we’ll get there.

To start, you should be relieved to hear that the rate of unemployment in Nashville is extremely low. So if finding employment is something you’re worried about, or it’s the main point of hesitation in your big move decision, you can cross it off of your list. With the unemployment rate at just 3.2%, you can find confidence in the fact that you will most likely be able to find a job upon moving to Nashville.


We know that Nashville is a largely populated city, but exactly how big is Nashville’s population? The population in Nashville was at 692,587 in 2018 and has already grown to over 1,272,000 currently. If that doesn’t show you the exponential growth rate The Music City is experiencing, I don’t know what will! You can find more information on population stats that are more specific about age and diversity here.


Nashville Tennessee is located in the southern region of the United States. Located between other major cities such as Chattanooga and Knoxville, Nashville has a lot to offer location-wise. While Nashville is a city-like environment, you can still get the nature-fix you desire with their abundance of mountains and scenery. Perfect for city-dwellers with a taste for the outdoors.

Nashville’s Climate

The weather in Nashville is highly desirable if you like having your 4 seasons, but don’t necessarily love the scorching summers and below zero winters. At the beginning of the year, you can expect daytime temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Temperatures do drop pretty low during the night time, but the daytime temperatures replicate a very mild winter.

Springtime temperatures tend to be in the 60s and 70s during the day. For all you allergy-prone folks, Nashville also comes with a pretty large dose of pollen in the Spring months.

The hottest months in the Summer have daytime temperatures ranging from the low 80s to mid-90s. That is as bad as it gets. Unfortunately, Nashville summers tend to bring a wave of humidity as well, but if you can hack those couple of months of heat, you are golden for the other three seasons.

In Fall, you can expect weather similar to the Spring plus a little added warmth with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, working back up to those Winter lows we talked about earlier.

On average, you can expect around one week’s worth of days out of each consecutive month to be rainy. (Around ¼ of the month). For some, that may sound like a lot. Keep in mind that the majority of your days will still be spent sunny in Nashville.

What Nashville Residents Have to Say

Sometimes misconceptions are made about Nashville and its residents. While Nashville is considered the “buckle” of the bible belt, there is so much more to this city than country living. In an article by a born and raised Nashville native, these stereotypes are addressed. Nashville has a lot more to offer than it may seem. Here are some of the things Nashville natives love about their city.

  • It’s a city full of talented individuals. Specifically musicians of all kinds, in different phases of their careers.
  • So much diversity exists within the neighborhoods of Nashville. The city itself is a healthy mixture of people of all ages. Some neighborhoods are more populated with young people while others are more family-oriented, but each neighborhood is unique from another, and so are the people in them.
  • The residents are caring and friendly. It’s normal to interact with people you catch every day on your route to work. You will probably also find yourself saying hello to or having a short conversation with a stranger. There is a strong sense of community within the neighborhoods of Nashville.

What Are The Neighborhoods in Nashville?


Here are some of the popular neighborhoods in Nashville and their zip codes to make your Zillow search a little easier!

  • Downtown (37201)
  • The Gulch (37203)
  • Germantown (37208)
  • Green Hills (37215)
  • Sobro (37201)
  • Sylvan Park (37209)
  • Midtown (37203)
  • Belmont Boulevard (37212)
  • Music Row (37203)
  • Melrose (37204)
  • East Nashville (37206)

Depending on what kind of environment you desire to live in and the location in relation to the attractions around your home, you might feel like some of these neighborhoods are a better fit for your lifestyle than others.

  • DowntownDowntown Nashville is a great neighborhood to live in if you are tired of your commute to work. Living in this area means you will have walking access to just about everything you need, in addition to tons of options for entertainment, including art, music, and of course, food.
  • The Gulch– For those with a taste for a higher-end lifestyle, this neighborhood will suit you. The Gulch is one of the more expensive areas in Nashville. It offers a little bit of a luxury lifestyle with all of the classic Nashville perks.
  • Germantown– If you are into a vintage vibe, then Germantown may be a match for you. Labeled as the historic district of Nashville, Germantown has a lot to offer in terms of style. Much of the architecture in this neighborhood has been re-done while still holding on to its original vintage charm.
  • Green Hills– Essentially a shopping hub for those with expensive taste, Green Hills offers stores primarily selling more high-ticket items.
  • SoBro– Near downtown, SoBro (which stands for South of Broadway) is a busy area to live. It features bars, musical venues, and the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • Sylvan Park– Families moving to Nashville will want to check out this community. Sylvan Park has an abundance of homes with a more suburban style of living. Sylvan Park is an ideal area to purchase a family home, offering more space and freedom to pursue outdoor activities.
  • Midtown– Located near Vanderbilt University, this is a great place to live for a young person or a student. A friendly community with lots of LGBT+ nightlife, Midtown is a popular area for the younger crowd.
  • Belmont Boulevard– A terrific option for students attending Belmont University, this neighborhood will also help provide a more homey feeling with perks like great local restaurants. While Belmont Boulevard is a smaller community, it still has a lot to offer.
  • Music Row- Music Row is an ideal place to live if you are a young creative who tends to enjoy being out and about. In this neighborhood, you will have access to music production facilities and a plethora of nightlife activities.
  • Melrose– Full of countless shopping options and well-known antique shops, Melrose is a great neighborhood if you spend lots of time looking for cool finds. Melrose is growing as new restaurants are emerging in the neighborhood, and more living options are becoming available.
  • East NashvilleEast Nashville offers a combo platter to its residents. If what you are looking for is the best of both worlds: amenities that city life offers, with a more homey feeling, then East Nashville can meet your needs.

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How is the Job Market in Nashville?


As mentioned earlier, the unemployment rate in Nashville is low compared to other cities. Low unemployment rates are always a comforting thing to hear about when considering relocating. Finding a job can be an intimidating factor when deciding to move. While job availability in Nashville seems to be in excess, what kind of jobs are available? How will you find the right job for you?

If you are looking for work and you are a student desiring a more entry-level position, definitely check out some local restaurants, shops, or even music venues to work at. If you are looking for a job-specific to your degree, here are some of the top industries you can expect to find work for in Nashville.


The industry that makes up the highest percentage of employment is health and education. This shouldn’t be too surprising considering Nashville is home to some excellent universities, Vanderbilt and Belmont.

The next highest-ranking industries, according to data collected by the U.S Census Bureau, are:

  • Utilities and Transportation
  • Professional/Business Services
  • Hospitality Services

Aside from these industries, we are all well-aware that Nashville is known for its abundance of artists and music scene. One of the top cities to live in for musical artists and producers, Nashville is known for this industry. Nicknamed “The Music City,” Nashville is home to many serious professional and up-and-coming artists.

An artist looking for work can look for it performing at one of the many live music venues Nashville has to offer. You could launch your career and make it in The Music City!

Top Companies To Work For

Some of the largest companies in Nashville within these industries are:

  • Vanderbilt University
  • Nissan
  • Hospital Corporation of America

If you are a student looking for part-time work or moving to Nashville looking for a position in one of the many restaurants or shops, there are a ton of local businesses that can provide the type of employment you may be looking for.

Here are some local businesses to start your employment search:


  • Lockeland Table
  • Pelican & Pig
  • Folk
  • City House
  • Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack

Coffee Shops:

  • Retrograde Coffee
  • Stay Golden
  • Bongo Java
  • 8th & Roast
  • Fido

Other Local Businesses:

  • JumpCrew (Marketing)
  • The Buntin Group (Branding/Advertising)
  • Studio Now (Video Production)
  • Zander (Insurance Group)
  • Edgenet (Product Content Management)
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How is the Nashville Real Estate Market?


According to RedFin, real estate in Nashville is somewhat competitive. The average price for a home is around $333,000 and usually around $199 per square foot. Homes, on average, take about 41 days to sell in Nashville currently. The amount of time spent on the market is a little bit longer than the U.S. market trends, which is about 27 days on average.

According to Zillow, homes in Nashville are worth about $310,000 on average. The value of homes in Nashville has risen by over 8% in the past year. They are expected to continue to rise in the year to come. The rise is in part due to the population growth happening in the city. More and more people want to explore all Nashville has to offer.

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in Nashville?


Cost of living is an essential factor to consider when deciding if moving will work for you. The cost of living can vary from city to city. You should consider if the cost of living in Nashville, Tennessee will work with your career plans and financial situation.

You will probably be spending the most money on your rent or mortgage payments. You do have some control of that based on which neighborhood you desire to live in. While those city apartments boast beautiful views and walkability, they cost a pretty penny.

Food and Groceries

According to News 4 Nashville, the average Nashville citizen is spending around $291.13 monthly on food costs. Another source reports that one person can expect to pay between about $170 to $350 due to the fact that compared to the average national cost, Nashville grocery prices are 2% higher.

If you are someone who tends to eat most of their meals out, a tempting thing to do in a city full of delicious food everywhere you go, you may be spending on the higher end of that spectrum. While many factors go into the price of meals out, eating at restaurants frequently or grabbing a coffee at your favorite shop every morning on your work commute will significantly increase the amount of money you spend on food.

For those looking for a place to budget, you can always be flexible with the amount of money you spend on food.


The size of your utility bill can depend on the size of your living space and the number of people living within that space. The Ashton Real Estate group estimates that for a living space just below 1000 square feet, about the average size for one bedroom two bath apartment, a person living alone can expect to spend a little over $170 monthly for utilities.


If you own your vehicle, you can expect to spend around $2 per gallon on average. If you will be utilizing public transportation services or going through another service like Uber or Lyft, the prices will vary. Depending on how often and how far you travel daily, you may spend more or less. If going on the public transportation route, you can expect to pay around $2 each way per person.

Healthcare and Medical

Lots of healthcare options are one of the many more practical benefits of living in Nashville. With so many choices in hospitals and doctors, Nashville truly offers exceptional healthcare systems. The city of Nashville also has a lower healthcare cost than the national average. This is partly due to a large number of available sources of medical care in Nashville.

Insurance can change the out-of-pocket cost, but on average one can expect to pay under $100 for your doctor’s visits in Nashville. You can expect to pay even less than that for other healthcare-related services such as dental and vision visits.


Tennessee is one of the states that does not have income taxes. Before you get too excited about that, let’s talk about the kinds of taxes you should expect to pay if you move to Nashville.

Tennessee has a sales tax rate of 7%. In addition to that, there is also a tax on dividends and interests, which is set at 6%. There are other taxes collected on Tennessee resident’s profits made in the stock market as well as property tax.

All in all, Nashville does not have an overly expensive cost of living compared to other major cities. You can expect to have on average, lower utility bills, and access to lots of options of healthcare at a lower cost than the national average healthcare costs. Offering reasonably priced transportation, and decent gas prices, getting where you need to be in Nashville is also pretty cost-efficient.

The few factors that you might be stretching your wallet with are rent and food costs. The positive with these two is that the cost ranges can be pretty flexible if you set strict budgets and set boundaries for yourself. While over-indulging in all the city has to offer can be tempting, it can also make a major dent in your wallet.

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Is Nashville A Good Place to Retire?


If you are thinking of moving to Nashville for your retirement, you should know that Nashville is ranked very highly on the list of best places to retire to. It makes sense since there are so many unique activities and tasty food options within the city (exactly what retirement is all about, right?) Nashville offers plenty of options for active retirees as well as less mobile retirees looking to relax.

The weather is another factor contributing to why Nashville is an ideal place to spend your retirement. Residents can enjoy the 4 seasons Tennessee offers without the extreme weather that other states experience.

Making sure you move somewhere where you feel taken care of is essential to living out a stress-free retirement. As you read earlier, Nashville also has an abundance of more affordable healthcare options. With an average of over 340 doctors per 100,000 residents, you will have many choices in your healthcare provider. Nashville is also equipped with several hospitals, one very prominent being Vanderbilt’s medical center.

People 65+ make up over 11% of the population in Nashville according to the U.S. Census. Nashville also offers many great communities for retirees to spend their earned years of relaxation.

Top Retirement Communities Near Nashville

Del Webb– This retirement community can be found on lists of best retirement communities all over. They offer plenty to keep retirees busy both in and outdoors. Some of these activities include swimming, playing a variety of different sports, fishing, crafting, and working out.

The Heritage at Brentwood– Another great retirement community striving to keep the older population active is The Heritage at Brentwood. With some special features like a woodworking shop and spa for residents to enjoy, this community will provide retirees with an easy-going retirement.

Stephens Valley– A new up-and-coming community, Stephens Valley offers community living with modern, higher-priced homes. This construction company is building a new community in the Nashville area with community amenities that would work great for senior living.

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What Are The People and Culture Like?


Nashville Tennessee is a city rich with culture. From the music to the art to the food, there is so much creativity within it. Nashville is known for country music specifically, due to the famous artists that have made music there. However, Nashville encompasses music from all genres and houses talent of all kinds within the city.

While each neighborhood has its unique flavor, Nashville as a whole offers a lot of activity for a variety of interests. Whether you’re into trying different southern-inspired food, want to explore art galleries, listen to live music, or go hiking in the beautiful weather, Nashville has something for you.

In the last election, Tennessee was considered a red state, however, the community in Nashville is fairly liberal, especially compared to the rest of the state as a whole.

Most people residing in Nashville have a friendly southern charm. Tourists have reported that people say hello often and greet each other, and are helpful and friendly. Locals report that the overall attitude of Nashville residents is outgoing, helpful, and caring of other members of the community. You can expect to build relationships with your neighbors, and feel a true sense of belonging in Nashville.

While many famous people are Nashville residents, celebrity culture is much different than somewhere like Los Angeles. Residents say that celebrities live normal lives in Nashville, and are simply just members of the community. So if you run into your country music idol at your local coffee shop, be cool.

While each community has sort of a different style, the people of Nashville all tend to be pretty diverse. There isn’t one particular place that only families live, or only single people or students live. Nashville truly allows you to choose your neighborhood based on your individual needs and lifestyle habits.

What Are The Popular Things To Do In Nashville?


There’s something for everyone in the city of Nashville. Whether you like a night out at a bar scene, enjoy trying local coffee and eateries, or exploring the many shopping centers and small businesses, there’s always something to do in Nashville.

Fun Activities

Popular Destinations

Local Businesses

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Pros and Cons of Living in Nashville


Like any city, there are plenty of pros and cons that come with moving to Nashville, Tennessee.


  • Low cost of living
  • Low Unemployment Rates
  • Lots of Healthcare options
  • 4 mild seasons
  • Lots of local shops and restaurants
  • Outdoor views and exploring
  • Variety of neighborhoods to fit different desired living styles
  • Great universities and public school systems


  • Traffic
  • High Humidity in Summer Months
  • Growing population
  • Public Transportation is problematic
  • The competitive environment for job search
  • It’s a city full of tourists
  • High crime rates in certain areas (Make sure you check the crime rates in your desired neighborhood)
  • Christianity is extremely prominent, perhaps making those who practice another religion have less variety in worship options.
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Fun Facts About Nashville Tennessee


  1. Nashville got its nickname, “The Music City” from an announcer for WSM-AM named David Cobb.
  2. Over 200 songs were recorded by Elvis in Nashville.
  3. Nashville’s tallest building is the AT&T tower which is 33 stories high.
  4. Oprah went to Tennessee State, she was first on TV as a news reporter for a Nashville news network.
  5. Another Nickname for Nashville is “Athens of the South”, because of the replicas of Greek architecture.
  6. Multiple people, including former president James K. Polk, are entombed within the Capitol building in Nashville.
  7. Andrew Jackson’s wife is the daughter of one of the men who founded Nashville.
  8. The Capitol building, which is still functional, is among the oldest Capitol buildings in the United States.
  9. One of the most famous candies in Nashville is called GooGoos, which was created in 1901.
  10. Popular tourist attractions in Nashville are the many murals that read “I Believe in Nashville”. 

Wrap Up

When deciding to make the move to Nashville, make sure you consider all the factors. You will be immersing yourself in a city full of culture and fun attractions, (and some spectacular food). Be sure when making that final choice, that all of the practical pieces fit with you and your desired lifestyle too.

A move to Nashville is a move with the promise of possibility, adventure, and fulfillment. It’s one of a kind place to live, and we know this article will help you make an educated decision about your move to Nashville. Now you know the truth about living here!

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