picture of home quarantine photo contest

Home Quarantine Photo Contest Results

The COVID19 crisis has taken a toll on Americans across the nation. Lost work, worrying about our health, and uncertainty about the future have all taken their toll on us. The discount real estate brokers at ISoldMyHouse.com wanted to offer something both fun and rewarding to everyone during these turbulent times.

With a grand prize of $500 and runner up prize of $250, this contest sure did generate a lot of excitement by giving people an outlet to share how they have been spending their time at home during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Check out the results below!

$500 Grand Prize Winner

home quarantine photo contest grand prize winner

“Working at home isn’t the challenge—it’s working at home WITH KIDS”

Our grand prize winner by Mike U. from Beverly Massachusetts

$250 Runner Up Winner

home quarantine photo contest runner up

“Quarantine Birthday”

Our runner up winner by Maribel J. from Longmont Colorado

All Our Favorite Entries

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