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  • How Much Does It Cost To Sell A House? All Costs & Fees (2019)

    30 April 2018Home Selling

    Home sellers almost always grossly miscalculate the estimated fees for selling a house. Learn how much it really costs to sell a house.

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  • Key Lock Box: Best Options To Keep Real Estate Accessible (and Safe)

    15 April 2018Home Safety & Security

    Best options for a key lock box that you need to keep properties safe but accessible, when you are not available to agents, contractors and inspectors.

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  • Home Safety When Selling A House

    3 April 2018Home Safety & Security

    In this comprehensive guide, we clearly outline the steps you need to take to protect your family and home when selling a house for sale by owner.

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  • Real Estate Photography

    5 March 2018Home Selling

    Do you want to learn how to take AWESOME real estate photos to sell your house? Your photos are the first impression home buyers will have of your house.

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  • How To Add FSBO Contact Information to Zillow Listing

    19 January 2018Home Selling

    With flat fee MLS, unfortunately Zillow won’t allow you to add your FSBO contact information to the listing. But we have a work around for you here.

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  • What Are The Closing Costs For A Seller In New York? (Full List)

    10 December 2017Home Selling

    Check out the closing costs for a seller in New York. Home sellers need to be aware of all the costs associated with selling a house and it is expensive!

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  • 3 Strategies For Pricing Your House For Sale

    15 October 2017Home Selling

    How do you correctly price your house when you are selling without a Realtor? Watch this video to find out my 3 pricing strategies for FSBO’s!

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  • Next Steps After Accepting an Offer On Your Home [VIDEO]

    23 September 2017Home Selling

    What do you do next after accepting an offer on your home from a buyer? Check us out to find out exactly what your next steps are after accepting an offer.

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  • Negotiate With Serious Buyers Only

    8 September 2017Home Selling

    Learn how to identify and negotiate with serious buyers only and not waste your time with those people who don’t have any intention on buying your home.

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  • How To Negotiate When Selling a House

    7 August 2017Home Selling

    Do not let a buyers agent or buyer take advantage of you. Take the time to learn exactly how to negotiate when selling a house!

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