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  • Read This Before Selling a House in Florida (FSBO or with a Realtor)

    1 August 2019Home Selling

    This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of selling a house in Florida, making sure you don’t get hit with any major surprises along the way.

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  • What Are Closing Costs For Sellers In Rhode Island? (Complete List)

    29 June 2019Home Selling

    Check out the closing costs for a home seller in Rhode Island. There are a lot of costs associated with selling a house and it is expensive!

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  • Real Estate Prices Around the World

    16 June 2019Home Buying

    An interactive map to compare real estate prices around the world to help you decide what you can afford and what may be better left as a dream.

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  • 27 Indoor Air Quality Mistakes That Hurt Your Health

    27 May 2019Home Cleaning

    This comprehensive guide provides you with 27 of the most common mistakes homeowners make that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

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  • The Definitive Home Sellers Guide to iBuyers

    20 May 2019Home Selling

    Our definitive guide to iBuyer companies is a must read for home sellers who are considering this new, exciting and somewhat mysterious option.

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  • How To Get Rid Of Ants | Best Ant Killer (Chemical & Natural Options)

    7 April 2019Pest Control

    Check out our ULTIMATE Guide to the best ant killer you can buy and all the steps required to get rid of ants and keep them away for good.

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  • 25 Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Aromatherapy

    3 April 2019Home Cleaning

    In a lot of cases the functionality of diffusing the essential oils is similar among all of these devices. What you should look for is which one has the specifications that match your needs and which design has the looks that will fit in with your style and decor. Here are our top 25 essential oil diffuser reviews that you can easily buy online!

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  • Where To Get Free Moving Boxes? Check Out These 8 Thrifty Options

    26 March 2019Moving

    If you don’t want to pay for new moving boxes that exactly meet your requirements, then you will no doubt love the resources in this post that you can explore and try to get as many moving boxes for free that you can.

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  • How Many Boxes Do I Need To Move? Use Our Moving Box Calculator

    26 March 2019Moving

    Moving & packing can be overwhelming. Trying to figure out how many moving boxes you need for your next move can stress you out even more. But we have your back.

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  • Complete Guide To 22 Common Household Pests, Bugs & Insects

    24 February 2019Pest Control

    The first step in taking charge of controlling houshold pests is understanding the pests themselves. We describe the appearance, prevention & fun facts.

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  • Zillow For Sale By Owner

    23 February 2019Home Selling

    Did you know Zillow allows you to list your house on their website and mobile app as a for sale by owner? Check out how to sell a house on Zillow FSBO here.

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  • Where To Buy Moving Boxes

    2 February 2019Moving

    There are numerous options out there for getting moving boxes, and this information should narrow them down so you don’t waste your time or money!

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  • Best Air Purifier for Smoke – Cigarette, Cigar & Weed Smokers (2019)

    1 February 2019Home Cleaning

    We did the homework for you and reviewed 9 of the BEST air purifiers you can find online to tackle ridding your home of smoke and keep it smelling fresh. No matter what you smoke, these air purifiers have you covered!

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  • For Sale By Owner Websites: Best Sites To Buy Or Sell A House (2019)

    21 January 2019Home Selling

    I’ve done the homework for you, this is the definitive list of 53+ For Sale By Owner Websites to check out before buying or selling a house online.

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  • St Joseph Statue: Will It Help You Sell Your House? (or NOT)

    29 December 2018Home Selling

    Can burying the Saint Joseph Statue answer your prayers and sell your house? Find out everything about this popular home selling trend that has everyone talking.

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  • Discount Real Estate Brokers: Best Options To Save On Commissions

    27 December 2018Home Selling

    If you are considering using a discount real estate broker, then read this guide to completely understand the different options to save on real estate agent commissions.

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  • Locking Medicine Cabinet: Best Options To Safely Store Prescriptions

    11 December 2018Home Safety & Security

    Safely and properly securing your medication in a locking medicine cabinet is the best way to go. Follow this guide for the best options you can buy.

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  • How To Get Rid Of Mice: Best Mouse Traps & Guide For Rodent Control

    7 December 2018Pest Control

    Check out our ULTIMATE Guide to the best mouse traps you can buy and all the steps required to get rid of mice and keep them away for good.

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  • How To Get Rid Of Musty Smell In Basement

    1 December 2018Home Cleaning

    There’s nothing more annoying than unpleasant odors that linger around your home. Especially, the damp musty kind coming from your basement. Find out how to find it and eliminate it from your home and keep it from coming back.

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  • Carbon Monoxide Detector: Best CO Alarms & Guide To The Silent Killer

    24 November 2018Home Safety & Security

    We did the homework for you, check out the best carbon monoxide (CO) detectors and alarms of 2019. Including smart, hardwired, battery operated & plugin devices.

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