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"For Sale by Owner" is a phrase that is growing in popularity. It's also a phrase that many real estate agents don't particularly like. But technology -- bolstered by old school practices like signs, print ads, and open houses -- has made it so homeowners can take charge of selling their own property on their own terms legally, quickly, and with fewer hassles.

Selling a house as a FSBO is the method of choice for homeowners who aren't interested in games, and who want the transaction to be as straightforward and surprise-free as possible.


The Biggest Benefit of FSBO: Save Thousands of Dollars

There is no dispute that not having to pay a 6% commission is a prime motivator for the FSBO seller. After all, selling a house requires hard work from the homeowner even if a real estate agency is involved.

Plenty of FSBO converts feel like they should be the ones to benefit from all the work that goes into selling a property. And they don't want to feel like pricing their home is part of an elaborate game that all too often is unsatisfactory on the part of the seller (who doesn't like paying high commissions) and the buyer (who often believes he or she is paying premium so that a real estate agency can get their commission).


 How to Advertise Your Property

ISoldMyHouse.com draws millions of site visitors, regular people looking to buy or sell directly. With the largest selection of FSBO houses on the internet, ISoldMyHouse.com finds buyers, whether they're looking for a house or a parcel of land.

Multiple advertising packages are available on the site, and a listing with three photos and a complete property description is now free of charge! You also have the opportunity to kick your FSBO strategy up a notch with Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listings and other great advertising services.


 Supplementary Materials

Yard signs, virtual tours, and a huge audience are other advantages to listing your home on ISoldMyHouse.com. Additionally, you have access to loads of free resources and advice so you can educate yourself on what is involved with being a FSBO seller. You'll find answers to everything you need to know as a FSBO seller:


The FSBO Revolution

ISoldMyHouse.com began in the northeastern U.S., and has expanded nationwide, bringing together FSBO sellers and buyers wherever they may be.

Don't let expensive real estate agencies scare you into thinking that only they can sell your house. The tools are available for motivated sellers to sell their homes by themselves: legally, simply, and with no pricing games.


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