Do I need the help of a lawyer to sell my home?

Most people do engage the services of a real estate lawyer to help them write a sales contract and to look over paperwork prior to closing. While we do recommend sellers hire a lawyer in order to protect their interests, it is not legally required that you do so.

Does ISoldMyHouse.com screen calls about my home?

Since potential buyers can email you through our site, we often don’t interact with them at all. However, when interested parties call asking for your contact information, we ask them several questions, including whether they are a real estate broker. We will only give your contact information to real estate brokers (including buyer’s brokers) after receiving permission from you to do so. With non-brokers, we speak with them about whether they have pre-qualified for a mortgage. If they have not, we encourage them to take this step before contacting you about your listing.

How do I sell my house through ISoldMyHouse.com?

The first step is registering for an account by completing the online registration form. You’ll have to create a username and password. All information is necessary so that we can contact you if necessary. Your personal information entered into your ad is not directly viewable by buyers. While potential buyers may email you through our website, they do not have access to your email address and other personal information.

When you’ve completed your registration, click on “Advertise a For Sale Property.”

Here you’ll fill out the required fields with information about your property, including:

  • Property location
  • Address
  • Tax information
  • Square footage
  • Price
  • And other information

Do not post an ad without listing a price. People will not inquire if they don’t know your asking price. Do not put your phone number, address, or other personal information in the text body of your ad.

When you’re finished writing your ad, you will be able to view it. Once you are satisfied with your ad, click on “submit ad.” At this point, you will be assigned an ad number. Write this number down since you will need it if you want to edit your ad later, or if you should call us with questions.

I listed my house on ISoldMyHouse.com a few weeks ago and I’ve only received one call. Why have I not had more interest?

One common reason for this is an ad that doesn’t have at least one good photo. Ads without photos do not prompt many calls. If your ad has several high quality-photos, and you’re still not receiving calls, it is possible that your house is not priced correctly. If you priced your house yourself, you may want to hire an appraiser to help you set a price. If you did have a professional appraisal, and it has been several weeks since you’ve had a call, you may want to step up your marketing efforts, lower your price a bit, or check your ad to see if it could be made more attention-grabbing.

I listed my house on your site and received a call from a real estate broker. How did this happen?

ISoldMyHouse.com never knowingly provides your contact information to a broker without gaining your permission first. If a broker contacts you without your having given permission, the most likely scenario is that the person told us they were not a broker when in fact they were.

I received a call about my listing from someone who is not preapproved for a mortgage. I only want callers who are preapproved. What should I do?

When we receive calls about your property, we ask questions up front about their borrowing situation and do our best to ensure that they are serious buyers before forwarding your contact information to them. However, we have no way of knowing if they are truthful or not. The best way to prevent calls from non-approved potential buyers is to put a statement in your ad saying, “MUST BE PRE-APPROVED FOR A MORTGAGE” in all capital letters. You want to make it clear that you require evidence of their pre-approval before you will schedule a tour of your home. This should be sufficient to discourage buyers who are not yet approved for a mortgage.

What if I need help getting my ad posted on ISoldMyHouse.com?

Most users are able to review their options, put up their ad, upload their photos, and submit credit card information with no difficulty. But if you do need help or have questions about posting your ad, feel free to call a customer service representative at 1-855-283-0001