What is FSBO Plus?

FSBO Plus is a term we coined to describe some of the free FSBO social media marketing services we provide for ISMH customers. If you are leveraging social media to sell your home, we can help. Please feel free to take a look through our many articles in this section of our blog.

We are always here to help, post your questions here or email us at support@isoldmyhouse.com


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Planned Maintenance: How Does it Work?

Okay, we realize everyone isn’t into the technical stuff that gives the WWW life. So if you have been thinking to yourself something like “I’ve heard the term Planned Maintenance but what does it mean. How does this work?” here is a very brief explanation of what is going on during a planned maintenance event at ISoldMyHouse.com and why.

Here’s how it goes

Having identified the need, we will first pay attention to our manners and notify everyone via this announcements Blog and sometimes via email about an upcoming event. Later, sometime between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.(EST) we will watch for a period of “zero traffic,” when this happens we will quickly restart the servers.


Just like your home computer, our Web servers sometimes require updates from vendors like Microsoft. There is just no way around it.

What’s in it for me?

These quick patches provide security and compatibility patches that ultimately result in an improved Web browsing experience for ISoldMyHouse.com users.

Thank you for your patience and for being part of the ISMH community!

Solarflare: Using Sunlight To Clean Up The Environment

The Clean Energy Center’s Solarize Massachusetts program 1, using sunlight to clean up the environment.

One good reason to get connected with solar in general and other clean forms of energy is to save 15% up to $1000 personal state income tax credit2. Massachusetts residents seem to be having a good turnout as many homeowners are buying into clean air and taking advantage of local programs that benefit charity and hopefully their pocketbooks and the environment.

In Franklin township, Solarflare is running with the ball straight into the end zone as the Franklin townspeople not only rose up to tier 5 to meet initial implementation and power saving goals. So, being good sports Solarflare is going into overtime and extending the program through October as Franklin hopes for yet another victory and charitable solar panel donation within the local community.

There are other teams playing hard across the country to meet the solar challenge in America but New England and in Massachusetts but it seems that Solarflare and perhaps the New England region of the USA in general are doing their best to lead the pack!

1. http://www.masscec.com/solarizemass
2. http://www.energy.gov/savings/residential-renewable-energy-income-tax-credit

M&M Moving


  • Tags: Antiques, Delivery Service, Hauling Services, Moving Companies, Piano Moving, Storage Units
  • Phone: (617) 970-46278
  • Email: info@mmmove.com


*** We just noticed this, M&M Moving is offering a $50 voucher as of this post date (October 4th, 2015). We found this on Yelp M&M’s Yelp profile Take a look on the right hand side for the offer ***


  • Packing supplies
  • Antiques moving
  • Residential & Commercial
  • NYC & DC Daily

Social Connections

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Unique Indoor Comfort


  • Tags: Heating, Air Conditioning, HVAC
  • Phone: 1-866-933-7878
  • Email: quality@bostonuniqueindoorcomfort.com


*** We just noticed this, Unique Indoor Comfort is offering a chance to win a $100 gift card just for writing on their FB wall! (as of this posting date October 4th, 2015) http://www.bostonuniqueindoorcomfort.com/enter-to-win-a-100-gift-card-to-capitol-grille/ ***


Social Connections

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The I-SOLD-MY-HOUSE Facebook Connection

Here’s the bottom line, you need that one right person to find your FSBO property. Facebook just may be where they find you!

By using ISOLDMYHOUSE.COM and Facebook together you can go deep and wide with your FSBO property listing. ISMH has been building and tuning their social media reach all year. Because social media is truly powerful ISMH is leveraging connections with WZL Web & Media to step up their social media game for the Fall of 2015 through 2016.

Take advantage of our unique social insights and see what happens to your property exposure when you connect with ISoldMyHouse.com on our FB Fanpage.

Don’t forget to send a link to your listing and ask your friends to like your property. (See How to Share a FB Fanpage Link That Goes Directly to YOUR Property) Facebook is a very effective way to get your property noticed with friends, family and their acquaintances without much effort at all.

How to Share a FB Fanpage Link That Goes Directly to YOUR Property Photo

So, I’ve got friends and now my property is attracting some attention on the ISoldMyHouse.com Facebook fan page, but how can I send friends directly to MY property photo?

One would think that having direct links to fan page posts would be already integrated by FB, but to date we haven’t seen it, but don’t get discouraged, there is a way with just a little moxy.

Here is how you can make sure you are sending friends directly to YOUR property photo on the ISoldMyHouse fan page.


FIRST You will need to find your listing in one of our photo albums (see images)


SECOND You and your friends can like and comment about your property here. This is important because this is where we will look to verify popularity of your property on our FB page


FINALLY Look at the top and copy the direct link to your listing. This can be used in your own Facebook account and in emails to share with friends


Feel free to post your questions here on our Blog.

While you are at it, why not share this post on Facebook or Twitter right now!


Leveraging Pinterest for FSBO

ISoldMyHouse.com is always re-tuning to help you get max home exposure. Here are some ways you can extend many benefits of having an ISMH FSBO by connecting to your Pinterest account through ISMH.

Know Your Options on Our Featured Homes Page

One of the fastest ways to scan through ISMH listings is the Featured Homes Page. It is quite simply loaded with FSBO properties.

One thing we hope everyone will take advantage of is Pinterest sharing and the ISMH Featured Homes page is the place to do it. Just hover over any property image and you can instantly share a property with friends that follow your Pinterest account.

If you are building a collection of dream homes or even if you want to simply display some “never before seen” family photos and some commentary to add personal insight and a personal touch, Pinterest is a great place to get creative when selling FSBO.

Server Connectivity Issue

A hardware connectivity issue with the Isoldmyhouse.com Internet provider network has been reported. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding. (posted at 1:27 p.m.)

UPDATE: Technicians have identified the issue and are making repairs.  (posted at 2:47 p.m.)

UPDATE: All services should be functioning normally again. We are mortified about the hardware and connectivity issues and are taking steps to prevent it from happening again!  (posted at 3:53 p.m.)

Beta Testing New Search Page

We have successfully launched and “smoke tested” our search page. These new changes will lead to many new additions and improvements to the ISMH FSBO home search experience, but more on those plans later.

Right now we are in the final phase of testing the new layout. If you are a Beta Tester or notice an issue, please provide feedback about your user experience here.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help us improve the ISoldMyHouse.com experience!